2. The Other First Day of School 2013

So yes we had a second 1st day of school.

In our district we are blessed to have the opportunity to have access to a bilingual program.  There is one catch, to be in the program you have to qualify for it.  You only get one shot.  Your kid is taken into a room with the teacher and asked a series of questions, depending on how they answer the teacher decides if your child is more proficient in English or Spanish.  So Little Brother took the test on Tuesday (the first week of school for the big kids) and we would find out the results on Friday.  If he passed he would get to start PreK the Tuesday after Labor Day.  If he didn’t he’d have another year at home, another year to lose his language, & pray that we could get a transfer for him to attend school with his siblings.  Needless to say I was STRESSED!  The kids are only allowed to speak Spanish in the house, but they are still surrounded by English!  Some people still don’t get why we are only speaking Spanish.  Hopefully they’ll start to get it; this is our kid’s culture & will help their future, but will also keep them all at the same school (we have 1 more year before the baby can qualify).

So I walked into the meeting with the teacher, VP, counselor, and other important people who get to decide if he’s in our not; they all smiled & said that he made it!  They also said how much more relaxed we looked compared to last year’s first day of school (if only they knew :)).

Whoo hoo!  The whole household was pumped, baby bro was headed to school!!!  But then we remembered this was our Mr. Cautious, my cries-at-all-new-things, won’t-go-in-the-water, needs-Mami’s-hand, scaredy-cat!  How was I going to drop him off at school, how would he be in a classroom (there are still some Sundays that we drop him off at his class & he cries, he’s been there for nearly a year)?!?

And to prove my worries true, here he is the night before school…


Up late, nervous. We prayed, gave hugs & kissed, & sent him back to bed 😦

PreK is only half day so we took a nice group shot in the morning, the big kids were headed into school & Little Bro would join them after lunch.

oscar 1st day

This is their, “we’ve got you!” encouragement

So after lunch Papi Grande came over to watch Darth while she took her afternoon nap while I drove Oscar to his first day of school.

001 - Copy

He was so proud, “Mami take one of me all by myself!”


He looks so tiny!

So we got there early & headed inside to wait.  As they time got closer we were directed to wait in front of the school because that is where the teacher would be meeting everyday.  So as we headed out he grabbed my hand when we saw a large group of PreK’ers & their parents waiting to head in.  Then it happened, he looked up at me and said, “Okay Mami, I’ll see you after school, bye.”


All those precious babies 🙂

Are you kidding me?!?  My baby boy was ready for me to go!  I quietly explained that I was going to walk in with him all the way to the classroom, his response, “well okay but I’m going to get in line & walk by myself, you can follow.”  So the teacher led us through the halls of the school & it was quite a sight.  Children had death grips on their parents, many were wailing, a few were crying out “I’m scared, don’t leave me!”, but my guy nothing!  We entered the classroom, he put up his backpack, & found his desk.  I took one picture then he had the audacity to do the “shoo shoo” movement with his hand & I was the first parent to leave the room!


Alright Mami that’s enough

After all that worry & prayer!  I still get surprised when God overly & abundantly answers my prayers.  I asked him why he wasn’t nervous that first day, he said, “I’m not by myself.  I have Jesus with me, Middle Bro is next door, Big Sis is down the hall, & Big Bro is in the next hall, and Mami & Darth are going to be with me after school.  Dad is going to be so proud of me!”

That’s right buddy you’re never alone…


All 8 of us (Papi, Mami, Big Bro, Middle Bro, Big Sis, Darth, Little Bro, Jesus) & the giant rectangle is our dog Lucy

At the dinnermesa,



2 thoughts on “2. The Other First Day of School 2013

  1. gailgarrett@md.metrocast.net says:

    Great going, Oscar! Tell Mami you need to start art lessons with Abuelita. She was great in Art and according to the art work we saw, you have great potential! Love, Aunt Gail Original email:

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