1. First Day of school 2013…

Do you remember last year’s first day of school?  They all looked so small, so nervous, & so unprepared.  This year they were ready.  New (to us) clothes, backpacks, and FRIENDS!

First day of school here we come!


First Day

And now…are you kidding me!!!

Needless to say they went in, straight to their classes, said “hi” to their friends, and told Mami to head home.  The only hard part was when the baby got a death hold on her big sister & screamed for her to come back home.  I scraped her off & quickly walked her to the car, & asked if she was going to miss her brothers too.  Her response, “Nope it was time for them to get back in school, I just want my sister.”  It’s hard being 3.


We are so proud of our new backpacks! Thanks Aunt Gail & Uncle Mark!!!


This is before the baby realized that big sister was staying all day in school.


Big bro ready to go!


Big sis!


MIddle guy 🙂

Not Happy

It was a long car ride home for the baby 😦

At the dinnermesa,




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