1 year ago today…

We met them.  They called us Papi & Mami.  Our lives were forever changed.

I can still feel the nerves in my stomach as they rounded the corner, they were like a train heading toward us at full force.  Spanish was being thrown out rapidly, feet were running & stomping, my heart was pounding.  One year ago today we met the Fab 5.  We became 7.


They had just ran in & are giving us pictures that they were coloring while they were waiting to meet us.


This is when Darth backed herself in a corner & wanted nothing to do with me, luckily she likes coloring books so I wooed her back.


Middle saying, “I’m not so sure about this guy”


Big Brother, “I’ll push them harder than anyone they have ever known, they’ll crack & leave me for sure.”


Big sis, “I’ll let Mami take the title, but she’s going to have to fight me for the role of Mami in our family”


Our first family photo, we are basically herding cats


Ahh the look of a naive parent, we knew so little back then


Doe-eyed Mami, she doesn’t know how her world is about to change.


Big sis, “I’m scared, I don’t want a family, take me back to the orphanage”

Ooh it was a hard day, followed by more hard days, then weeks, maybe even a month.  But we stuck it out, all of us.  We’ve become a family.  A support-each-other-always, trust-filled, beso-giving family.  I’ll still have moments where the miracle that I have 5 children overwhelms me.  Like today when we celebrated Big Sis & Middle Bro’s birthdays.  Last year she spent it in the orphanage Papi got to sing to her over Skype.  Middle Bro celebrated his the day after we met them with a small cake & 3 pieces of chalk & a matchbox car.  This year they were surrounded by friends & family, had presents specifically picked out lovingly for them, & their cakes were a representation of how they see themselves…


A beautiful princess


A superhero


Please notice that he wanted the head for his piece, he even squinted so I could see the resemblance.

So different from the orphans that we met a year ago.  Because something amazing happens when you join a family; you become a new person.  This year my kids went from being labeled as orphans to: daughters & sons, friends & neighbors, grand-daughters & grand-sons, nieces & nephews, brothers & sisters (they were able to reclaim these roles specifically & unburden the adult-role that had been thrust upon them).

It’s just a daily reminder of my adoption into God’s family, & with that adoption the promise that:  “if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

At the dinnermesa,