A little homework advice…

So this will be a short & sweet blog post, I owe you an emotional Mother’s Day post (& it was an AMAZING day) but there’s no time for that right now, this week is crazy busy!

So homework time is still hard.  Lately the biggest problem is worksheets.  My oldest son struggles with reading comprehension, & I don’t know if it is actually understanding what the instructions are saying or if it is “I am in such a hurry to get it done I don’t bother reading it.”  Needless to say it can take us anywhere from 1-2hrs to get through a eight-question 1st grade level worksheet.

So I definitely did not solve the problem but we worked on following written instructions in a fun way.  After another 1hr worksheet, with both of us getting frustrated, I had him go do his 15min book reading in my bedroom while I wrote 10 instructions for him to follow on our family white board.  After reading he came out, & I showed him the list, he immediately said “more homework (in a whiny voice)”.  I explained to him that every year in school he was going to receive more written instructions & that Mami will not be with him in class to explain everything to him & that he has to learn to read & understand what he is reading (without pictures).

Dejectedly he read the first instruction…”go ask mom for a hug.”

He read it 5 times & finally looked at me & read it to me.  Frustrated I told him, “yes you read it but did you do it???”  (I know great patience right, just trying to be honest with you).  He read it aloud 10 more times & read it to me 10 more times…then it happened he came over & asked me for a hug!  I gave him a hug, told him good job & to move onto #2.

It took him about an hour to finish all of the tasks but he did it.  And not once did I have to explain what the instructions were, I did have to give him words of encouragement, & if he asked me “Mom is it saying to do (fill in the bank)?” I would answer “yes”.  But he figured it out.  We still have a long way to go, but I think that we were both encouraged that he can do it, it will take more time, it won’t  happen on the first try, but he can do it!


The list of instructions…

The list in English:

  1. Go Ask Mom for a hug
  2. Use your gun (Nerf) and go shoot the door
  3. Find 5 stuffed animals & line them up smallest to largest
  4. Put away the stuffed animals
  5. On a piece of paper write your brother’s names
  6. Draw a line under your brother’s names
  7. Under the line write your sister’s names
  8. Make your paper into an airplane
  9. Fly your plane 5 times onto the sofa
  10. Give the plane to Mom & sing her Happy Birthday

Again nothing profound, I have no teaching experience, I am just a mom trying to help her kids be successful.

Work & Airplanes

Completing his instructions with his paper airplane. (Middle son is vacuuming because he didn’t have a great day in school: when we don’t follow instructions from our teacher we come home & practice following instructions from Mami.)

And just so you know it’s still fun & games over here too, every day after school the kids race to the door & cram themselves in between the door & screen door & freeze…they are being iguanas (really it’s hilarious).  We have also been listening to Christmas music for the past 2wks, because it’s their favorite (just like their Mami).

IguanasAt the dinnermesa,


One thought on “A little homework advice…

  1. Nancy says:


    I am sure you are doing a great job with the kids. Keep up the good work, learning a new language could take some time and understanding it maybe a little longer. Lord bless you and Tyler and the kids as you all work together.

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