Blog on the blog…

(Tyler again)

According to Eric Schmidt, “The internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand.”

I know that was true for us. We started this blog March of last year to document our adoption and life after. We did so because we wanted a record to look back on, and we wanted others that are walking down the same adoption road to be able to look at it, learn through our problems, and draw encouragement through our successes. We thought a hand-full of people would read it, and that would be it.

We did not have any idea that a year later, we would have readers in 74 countries! We had no idea we would be having several hundred hits a day. Last night, I pulled up our statistics page, and I saw we had 76 hits from Russia alone!

I got to admit, that one made me a little nervous, not because I’m xenophobic or have anything against Russia or her people… I’m just a bit concerned about so much of my information about myself, my family, and our lives out there. We have identity theft protection that we pay for monthly, and we keep our important records safe, but it does make one nervous to think that so many people around the globe know so much about us.

While I doubt anyone is going to take out a credit card in my kids’ name (except for one of my co-workers, but only because he joked about it after I shared my kids birthday information with him right after I found out), I did want to be a tad cautious moving forward. Further, if people are blessed and encouraged by the information being shared, I didn’t want to just delete the blog either…

So, for the past seven hours, I went through and re-read every post, deleting kids’ names, last names, and specific information about where we live, what we do, etc… the specifics. (For you guys that plan big from the start, we understand why you refer to specific people in your lives with epithets like “Warrior Princess” or simply by initials now!). I may have missed a few, but we will be combing back through over the next few days to get them all.

Don’t worry; we are still Beth and Tyler, we live in Texas and we have five kids (to which we refer to as “big sister”, “our oldest”, or “Darth”… some generic identifier in the blog). For those of you that know us, you know the specifics. For those of you that don’t, I think the reason you visited isn’t tarnished in any way by removing the specifics.

We do thank you all for reading and silently supporting us and our family from a distance. We also thank Al Gore for making all this possible!

At the dinnermesa,



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