I cry all the time (no really ALL the time), over ridiculous things…

Some things that make me cry…

Baby girl learning to ride a bike, how is she already this big?!?


Baby girl at the beginning of her bike ride, she would sit posed but would not move her feet, content to let Papi push her around…


but 20min into the ride she was off on her own!


By the end of the ride she wanted to push Papi!

bike gang

Our gang of bike riders, please note the doo-rags, all of the helmets pull their hair so we came up with a solution & it helps with our street cred.

Watching our oldest son in his America program, as soon as the notes to “God Bless America” started & you remember that just a few months ago you & your family were not in America & your kids weren’t even Americans, but then you cross the border home…


A picture from after the show

Watching my nephew in a play of Beauty in the Beast & seeing my oldest daughter get so excited when Belle comes out in her gold dress…


When I ask the kids “why do we need to be nice & respectful at the zoo, even if other people are not?”

And they answer, “Because we are a family of integrity & we are also children on God.”


And flash mobs, doesn’t matter the size or the quality, I can’t help myself…

Nothing life shattering here, just noticing how kids can change a person. ¬†Before the babies Tyler had seen me cry maybe 3 times in 5yrs, but now weepy all the time…

I’ll try to be more insightful tomorrow.

At the dinnermesa,



One thought on “I cry all the time (no really ALL the time), over ridiculous things…

  1. I cry all the time!!! When students at school learn something new…I’m a mess!! I love that your children already know that they are God’s children…precious!!!

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