February 20, 2012…

One year ago today we said yes to a family of 5.  We knew their names & a little bit about their story. Then we received these first pictures & began falling in love…






It’s amazing how they are instantly your kids, how you can’t wait to see them smile, to see them become part of your family, to love them & be able to tell them that they will always be a part of this family. Oh those sweet brown eyes, everyday we are thankful for them…

Sat mornign

008 009 011 012 Books Church Jumping picnic smiles With dad

It’s amazing what a lot of love & family will do for a kid!  What’s stopping you from pouring into a child’s life?  From adopting?  If you are called GO!  Don’t miss out on the blessings!!!

Summer mission trips are coming up, they can change your life.  Give God 7-10 days simply serving.  Let Him change your perspective.  I had no idea life could be this hard, beautiful, frustrating, joyful, busy, crazy, perfect… & to think we could have missed out if we hadn’t said yes to Tyler going on a 10 day mission trip in Peru.

Not a lot of words, but a lot of smiles for you 🙂

At the dinnermesa,



2 thoughts on “February 20, 2012…

  1. dinnermesa says:

    Thanks for the kind words, visited your blog too…you’ve got some beautiful babies over there & I really appreciated you sharing your experiences on Foster care, sometimes that’s a tough subject to approach

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