Valentine’s Day (yr 1)…

You want a little bit of truth, social media kind of put me in a mommy-failing attitude.  There were heart shaped pancakes, balloons, presents wrapped in red & pink paper, special lunches packed, streamers, more presents, more roses from your husbands, chocolate covered strawberries, dinner out, special dinner menus, orchids, lillies…lots of magical moments.  How do you do it…VALENTINES WAS EXHAUSTING FOR ME!!!  I made 75 Valentines, 4 dozen brownies, 6 dozen chocolate chips, 2 mailboxes, homework every night, 1 eel class project, laundry, dishes, dinner…there seemed to be no time for the “special moments”, for the extra special memories for my kids.

Then we got some emails & the balloons I didn’t blow-up, the presents I didn’t buy, the flowers that weren’t ordered didn’t matter anymore.

We have had some very dear friends suffer severe losses this past week.  Losses that I cannot imagine going through or what to say to them to give them any peace during this hard time.  All anyone can really do is love.  Love them through time, through patience, through compassion, through the hurt.  I pray that they are surrounded by people who love them & will lift them up, that will encourage them & remind them to keep on going, that it will get better, that they are loved & not alone.

Don’t miss opportunities to love the people around you.  Don’t get too caught up in the details of life, slow down & focus on the people who mean the most to you.   Stop worrying about missing magical moments & just be present for your family, your kids, your friends.  Stop comparing, stop trying to “live up to expectations”.  Time is such a very precious gift, please use yours wisely.

We had a delightful Valentine’s day, lots of family time, bubbles were blown, class parties were attended; my present from the hubby was a $20 pizza dinner added to the budget so Mom had the night off from cooking & it was wonderful.


We got some Valentine letters in the mail from all of our grandparents! Stickers were everywhere!


Hanging out with big brother at his school’s Vday party


After an hour of celebrating (& eating tons of sweets) with the big brother we headed across the hall (literally) and enjoyed another hour of Valentine treats with the middle brother and big sister.


Thankful that Grandma could come for the party too!


Big brother showing little brother how to use the potty pass


Showing off some of his favorite cards


Middle brother with his Mater Valentine mailbox


Big sister modeling her Valentine purse mailbox


Look, this is where it opens!


A fun Valentine’s night, working on homework while the rest play on a “boat”/basketball goal in the background


Papi treated to pizza & we got to use our new fancy straws


Middle brother sleeping with his Mater mailbox 🙂


1 kiddo coughing, 1 kiddo had a nightmare…late night cuddling. Unable to sleep, means Mami is going to take some time & blog.

Happy V Day

Just another reason why we needed 5 kids 🙂

So thankful for friends who go above & beyond for their families, who take the time for special days for their kiddos, for my friends who are really present in their family’s lives!  I still have so much to learn.

At the dinnermesa,




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