1st Dance…

So the kiddies had their first dance at the school. And they didn’t dance once.  They did run around & play with their friends.  They let Mami paint their faces.  They had a great time.

I also had my first disagreement with the kids over clothing.  Big sister didn’t like any of the outfits that I was picking out & we finally settled on one that we both/she liked…oh teenager years I am not looking forward to you.  The boys also gave me some sass in dealing with their clothing.  The dance’s theme was Ties & Tiaras; the boys would not believe me that only the girls would be wearing tiaras…hence the pictures with their crowns…

Dance 3

Luckily Tyler said that as soon as they showed up to the school & saw the other boys they ripped their crowns off as fast as possible.  Tyler also thought that it was hilarious that the boys are dressed up a little nerdy while big sister looks a little like a supermodel.  I explained to him that this was the way it is supposed to be, we don’t want our girl chasing any boys (don’t know if I’m cool with any boys chasing our girl!).

I also go my first taste of being a PTA mom, I signed up to help & painted faces for 2 1/2hrs, we had some outstanding requests from vampires, to cheetahs, to spiderman, to a pig eating a basketball (?!?).  All in all it was a great night & the kids had a blast, I am thankful that their school still takes time to have these special nights for the children & for the PTA moms that work so hard to make them a success!


Ready to paint some faces

Dance 2

Big brother stopped by to see Mami, please notice his shark with blood dripping from the teeth 🙂

Dance 4

“Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?” -Derek Zoolander

Also just for fun, here are our kindergartners celebrating their 100th day of school…

100th day

At the dinnermesa,



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