School starts back tomorrow (SHOUTS OF DELIGHT & DANCING)…

Whoo you homeschooling Mama’s I applaud you!  I cannot wait for the kiddos to be back in school tomorrow! (go ahead & judge, just speaking the truth over here).  The routine, the busyness, even the homework (no, not really the homework).  But it has been a great break.  I had a few mommy failures but for the most part it was a great Christmas time.  Here are a few not so proud moments…

1: I exploded on my husband one night.  It was his one day off (besides Christmas) the whole break & I could not wait, finally a break from the kids & not even a break but a day I didn’t feel like I was doing it all myself.  He is such a great dad & so extremely helpful when he is home, the house is just so much more peaceful when we are both home.  But then it happened, he got sick, running a high fever not feeling well, can hardly hold his head up sick.  And was I a sweet, caring, thoughtful wife…nope.  I yelled at him for getting sick on the one day he was supposed to help me.   Failure.

2: Movie day, for an entire day we did nothing productive or to better mankind.  We watched How to Train Your Dragon, Toy Story 3, The Magic School Bus Cartoons, A Scooby Doo Cartoon, The Santa Claus, Barbie Mariposa…and then we ordered pizza for dinner because Mami was too lazy tired to fix anything…

Sittin on Saydie

Yep our Basset hound has become a prime movie watching seat in the our household

3:I never wanted to be a household that played with guns.  I was wrong, with boys they have become a necessity (again judge away, it’s cool).  Nerf guns for Christmas were a great present.  We have had several bank robberies at the house.  Barbie & littlest pet shop have been held for a ransom of tootsie rolls.  Wars have been declared of Colombia vs. Barcelona, TX vs. United States, & my favorite TX & Colombia vs. the world.  Darth’s new favorite activity is to reload her brother’s nerf gun.  But before she gets to reload the gun she runs back & forth in front of the fireplace with her hands up while Mami shoots at her.  Please know that she is laughing hysterically the whole time.

4:My children forgot how to wear non-pajama-clothing.  Sunday morning, “Mami what do you mean I can’t wear my Captain America pjs to church? I put my boots on.”

Again have I mentioned that I cannot wait for the kids to go back to school!  Whoo hoo to schedules!  Here are some delightful memories of our holidays…


Riding our bikes for the first time. What amazing parents you can handle all 5 of your kids on bikes by yourselves!!!


Yeah right! We needed an entire pack of people to help out, chasing our kids all over the park! Thankful for family!!!

Mommy's shoes

We played in Mami’s shoes

Grilling with dad

We cooked on our new grill, our first grill in 4yrs! Thanks granddad & grandma!!!


We started our very own basketball team! Thanks again Brooks for the goal (I was told to say a thanks to the Dickerson family too)!

New bball

We are still learning all the rules to the game…

Choices choices

We went to our first store where the kids got to buy something all by themselves

Half price 1

Half Price books

Headed home with our treasures! Great job 1/2 Price books, your cashier was super patient with our kids & bagged all of their things individually so they could each have their own sack.


The dining room has been turned into a tattoo parlor.

Olive Garden

We discovered the greatness in Olive Garden breadsticks.

Thankful for the small moments: Christmas, New Year’s, the holiday season was more magical than we ever could have imagined!   So full of life, so busy, so blessed.  Sometimes I still can’t believe that this is our life; here we come 2013 do your very best to beat 2012 it’s been AMAZING!

At the dinnermesa,




One thought on “School starts back tomorrow (SHOUTS OF DELIGHT & DANCING)…

  1. Kmitch says:

    Oh girl, I agree 100% on the home-schooling thing. It’s not for me! I also know how badly boys need some structure, too much freedom brings chaos!

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