Cookies w/kids =’s Disgusting…

So sorry for the lack of blogging, the computer & I had a fallout.  He has decided that anytime I click the mouse it is a double click.  Needless to say I am technology-not-advanced & just walked away.  But here I am back again, double clicking & all, trying not to get frustrated because a blog is needed…

So who thought decorating cookies was a delightful & fun experience to have with children?

My mom called & said I want to pull the “grandma card” & decorate some Christmas sugar cookies with your kids (yes this happened before Christmas, sorry for the out of sequence), I thought great idea!  Every movie, tv show, painting I have ever seen of children decorating cookies has been beautiful, magical, full of holiday cheer, & all of the cookies look beautiful afterwards.  I had grand ideas of delivering them to the fire station down the street or to the neighbors.

So we want to the folks house & their table was laden with cookie decorating accouterments: sprinkles, icings of the rainbow, plastic knives for the icing, wax paper down for the mess, a pile of sugar cookies in the middle of the table.  It was all so wonderfully organized, rules were in place, adult supervision was inches away at all times and then it happened…

5 kids sat at the table & the grossness started. Double dipping, icing in the mouths, cookies in the mouths, tops of full sprinkles in the mouths, icing up the nose, icing in the hair, icing on the floor, sprinkles on the dog, cookies on the floor, cookies oin the ear and the licking, they could not be controlled…how did this happen?!?!  You should know that about half way through cookie decorating my dad finally said, “This is gross, I need to go to the living room & not be around this for a while.”

Pretty sure in the car I told my kids they could have 3 cookies when all was said & done, they ended up with at least 6-10 each.

After the “magical” time was over.  We did the only thing we could think of, everybody stripped down & went to watch a movie in the living room while the adults cleaned up.

So gross.  The kids had friends over one day & tried to offer them a “slobber cookie”, luckily I was in the wings & able to thoroughly hurt their friends feelings while I shouted, “those are our family-only cookies only! We do not share those cookies ever!”  So there you go a little holiday memory from our family to yours.


Best made plans…

Cookies 1

Still doing pretty good…

Cookies 2

So why is your tongue so red chica? No se Mami

Manos arriba correcto

Manos arriba, do not touch anything!


So gross…

Cookies 3

Our no-shirt-redneck picture for the season…


Stay classy San Diego

At the dinnermesa,



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