Christmas Day (yr. 1)…

The Loot

The calm before the storm…

And just like that we had a Christmas.   We had to have a blue slip pinned up late the night before to hold the children at bay.  Tyler didn’t think that would be enough so he slept across the doorway too, to block any peeking that might take place.  It was kind of magical seeing their happy little faces, the laughs, the surprise, the “I told Santa that this is what I wanted!”  But then it happened my sweet babies turned into knife wielding vikings within a matter of minutes…”I wanted this too.  I wanted that only bigger.  I wanted it in a different color.  I want…IT ALL!”

In the very, very back part of my head I wanted to remind them that we saved you, you were orphans we made you our family that should be present enough, we kept all 5 of you together you might have been split up, it was a very “I brought you into this world & I can take you out of it” kinda moment.  (You should know that last sentence was hard to type, it isn’t a very “Christian” spirited attitude but a very human one).  Luckily the wonderful man that I married reminded me they are kids & kids are greedy & selfish, they are learning to think about others & the real meaning of Christmas.  So we paused in our day & talked again about the Christmas story, Baby Jesus being sent down to us on earth to save us  & about what matters our family & friends, & being kind to others.

Christmas morning 1

Ready to open our presents! Little brother took FOREVER opening his presents & would generally open one of his & then take a walk around the room to see if anybody got something better that he wanted to play with first.

Patty's helmet

Barbie everything, even a Barbie bike helmet, thanks Grandmom & Grand-dad

Heidy's loot

So Darth would not sit in the circle with the other kids, she went behind the couch with her Papi Grande & had her presents stashed. She would open one & then play with it for about 5 min, show it off to a few people & then go again. Needless to say she opened her stocking the day after Christmas because she ran out of time the day of.


So my kids are all about flags & Papi Grande made them this very special flag holder for their room, it has the Colombia flag, the US flag & the TX flag. It also has their name on it, their birthdate, & our Sentencia date. One side is open & we are hoping to fill that with their baptism day.


Hanging out with Papa

Hands arriba

Headed out to fight crime/test our presents, Nerf guns & marshmallow guns (thanks to our new aunt and uncle) & Darth has got a jump rope

Then we headed to Meme & Papa’s (my grandparents) house for Christmas lunch & a few more presents from the extended family.  And then the miracle happened…we were eating lunch & all of a sudden white flecks started coming out of the sky…SNOW!   Snow on Christmas day, please know my northern friends it was not your kind of snow but it was just enough to answer the prayers of 5 Colombian children who had never seen snow & who had been praying for weeks & weeks for snow on Christmas.

There was a mad rush to get outside & within about 15 minutes there was a mad rush to get back inside…

“Mami do you know that snow is cold?”  “It’s just like playing with ice.”  “Can we go back & play in it when the snow is not so cold?”


Lots of snowy delight going on

Boys in the snowGirls in the snow

That night after we read our bible story & said our prayers Tyler asked the kids, “how did you like Christmas?”

Middle brother’s phrase was my favorite, “This was my favorite Christmas, because of the snow because my whole family got to see the snow.”

Presents do not replace God’s love for His people, presents cannot outshine His glory, presents cannot compare to His beauty.  New bicycles were forgotten, the remote control car that he’d asked for set aside, his new “Incredibles” movie put on the shelf.  It was the snow, a present we didn’t buy, a moment we couldn’t plan, I didn’t even know we needed it but we did.  We needed the snow for our first Christmas because our kids needed to see a miracle.


And so we don’t end on too serious a note my kids got underwear for Christmas…LOTS & LOTS of underwear, an entire laundry load of underwear. Luckily they love underwear, they have each changed their underwear 4 times today trying out their new ones. Except Darth, still can’t woo her to potty train, hoping the new underwear works!!!

At the dinnermesa,



2 thoughts on “Christmas Day (yr. 1)…

  1. Vicki Lindsey says:

    So they’re the reason for the blessing of snow!! God must have had great joy in answering their prayers, & in watching them enjoy it!!

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