An American Tradition…

So we worked for a number of years with the youth group at our church, specifically with 10th graders.  And sometimes when you work with the youth you have to develop a healthy fear of being tee-pee’d (toilet papered, rolled, vandalized).  Luckily we lived in what I like to call the “safe zone” AKA about 25 minutes from the church.  You see 10th graders are usually just learning how to drive, mom & dad have given them a pretty strict budget for gas & a pretty strict driving perimeter, and our house is just out of reach & too expensive to make the drive worth it.  5yrs of safety, sleeping soundly through the night without fear of being a victim.  Then we adopted 5 kids & got out of the youth group, mainly because we have our own children’s program at home to focus on for a while.  We were safe…

toilet paper

We got a few extra decorations added to our yard tonight!

Turns out that the 9th & 10th graders had their class Christmas party tonight, and as we pulled into our house at 8:30pm we were greeted with toilet paper streamers all over the front of the house.  Our kids immediately began using their newest most favorite American catch phrase, “Oh man!”  As they ran around the yard frolicking & dancing with toilet paper streamers.

Some of the best phrases that they said:

“Mami who would do this for us!  Must be our friends at church!”

“I cannot wait to tell my teacher tomorrow about all the toilet paper at our house!”

“They must think that we poop a lot!”

As we cleaned up our yard there was loud giggling, dancing, chasing, Darth would pick up pieces on the ground & try to find a good spot for them on the Christmas decorations until we convinced her that we are cleaning the paper up not reusing it.  All in all this small inconvenience was a big blessing on our family & turns out when you have 5 little helpers the clean-up goes pretty fast.

Also well done 9th & 10th graders, the attention to detail was fantastic, every Christmas decoration had a little paper love on it.

***Please know this is not a complaint, this is not a forum to get onto “today’s youth”.  This is what today’s youth should be doing, they should be spending time with their Sunday School/Life Group teachers & doing zany things.  They should see an example in adults who can have fun but not destroy property.  I still remember going with my teachers for our class parties & disciple now’s and they were some of my favorite times & best memories.  An adult to take you rolling is a rare treasure; thankful for the teachers who pour into these students & make time for them during this busy holiday season.  And thankful for students who take the time to go to church & class parties, consistently going to church & fellow-shipping with other believers is so important!

clean up 4

Such attention to detail, even the wreath on the door


Papi couldn’t reach it all


Darth “re-distributing” before she understood the concept of cleaning up the paper

Clean up

Papi “making it rain” toilet paper…I know, I don’t know why we thought this was an American phrase they needed to know

clean up 2


Clean up heidy

Poor baby! Hehehe 🙂

At the dinnermesa,




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