Christmas decorations (Yr. 1)…

You should know that before we had kids my husband & I were a bit of control freaks; we like things a certain way, we plan out our days, months & sometimes years.  Every dollar made has a place to go.  There is always a plan…

Then we had 5 kids & life got a little messier, plans got a little looser but we still try to keep to a plan.  For example our mornings work like this…

Kids get up, make their beds, get dressed, put your dirty clothes in the hall by the washer, & head to the breakfast table.  The first kid to the table gets to put out the cereal & spoons (a coveted job by all & luckily our two youngest are never ready first!!)

Afterwards the kids take their medicine, brush their teeth & wash their face, put on jackets & watch about 15min of PBS television

The first person ready gets to put everyone’s dirty laundry into the washer (again a job that is fought over at our house).

Then we are off to school.


Our line of cereal & medicine ready to go & lunches for the back-packs.


Middle brother was today’s lucky winner!

Christmas is a time of traditions, a time where “perfect” moments are planned.  We are just redefining what our perfect moments are going to be.

The day after Thanksgiving we decided to decorate for Christmas, my parents volunteered to watch the kids for the whole day so Tyler & I could get all of the decorations down & maybe go out for lunch together.  But then kids got in the way. Big sister got an ear-infection the night before so she was homebound with mom & dad while the other kids went out to play.  So instead of the day we planned it was a delightful day alone with our oldest daughter, our lunch-out turned into a lunch-in of Whataburger, I still got to watch my Christmas movies & loved seeing the smile on Big sister’s face when Judy in White Christmas taps her foot faster than humanly possible.

We invited friends over to help decorate the tree, the tree that ended up being decorated in about 4 spots as fast as possible by 4 super excited kids.


Santa picking his spot to decorate.

Christmas 6

The ladder was the spot to be, many a Christmas fights broke out over that

Christmas 5

Mami, Ms. Lisa: unwrap faster, no not that one, I want the air plane, where is another princess ornament, mas rapido please…

Christmas 1

The ladder isn’t free but I need this specific ornament in that place just up there please Mr. Isaac!!!

Christmas 2

After one time on the ladder Mr. Cautious was done

Christmas 4

Not one decoration for Darth, a full day of grandparents wore her out!

This was not how I imagined the day going, these were not the perfect moments that I had planned.  The whole day was messy, unorganized, my Christmas tree looked like it had been decorated by a group of…well children, but it was so wonderful.  It was ridiculously full of life!  The past 3yrs on this same day Tyler would find me crying at least 2-3x’s & not tears in my eyes but sad sorrowful sobs because we had no children in our lives to share this time with.  We had no chance of perfect moments…


5 stockings later…For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10

Take heart, He is not done with you, He has created you, He loves you, He will not leave you.  In His perfect plan will there be your perfect moments.

At the dinnermesa,



4 thoughts on “Christmas decorations (Yr. 1)…

  1. Jane thompson says:

    Thank u beth for another wonderful treat of the joy of your family. Also thank you for sharing gods insight…I needed to her that…cause his plan really does give us treasured moments .

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