Small stories…

Sometimes blogging seems a little daunting.  The excitement is over, we are home with the kids, life is hard, we screw up ALL THE TIME, it’s embarrassing, but then I remember that I wait anxiously for my friends to blog.  Why do I care?  Why do I read?  Because I care about these people, I am curious, because a little bit of honesty can go a long way, because you never know when a word written might be one I needed to hear…so I write.  I will write small stories, little lessons, ridiculous moments, failures, successes & all the in-between.  And remind myself that if people don’t care, they don’t have to read.

So, there is no easy way to put this…Darth eats like a cow.  Her mouth is a constant parade of food already chewed & it is disgusting.  It might be the reason that when we assigned seats at the dinner table I put her by Papi & not myself.

So tonight I decided that this would be the day that she learns to chew with her mouth closed.  So in went a bite of bean burrito & the smacking began with Mami yelling in the background, “cierra la boca” & “masticar con la boca cerrada” (in English: “close your mouth” & “chew with your mouth closed”).  I would say, “look at Mami” as I held my lips together while I imitated chewing.  I asked my older kids am I saying it wrong, “nope Mami that is right”.  30 minutes later…there we sit.  These are the faces that I am getting…


First mouth pursed closed…


Mouth open as wide as possible…


Back to pursed with a little smile…

The little rascal, clearly won this battle.  Needless to say we still have a long way to go & a lot of patience to incur.

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.  Proverbs 17:22

Thankful for the daily joy God gives us, for the forgiveness that we are met with daily, and for silliness…


A little night time dancing…after we spit up our food on our shirt practicing boca cerrado 🙂

At the dinnermesa,


5 thoughts on “Small stories…

  1. toni smith says:

    I still love hearing your stories and reading your blogs, this is a joy for me, I see it and immediately click on it because, I do care and I do love to hear what is going on in the lives of my friends, especially the one’s I have know almost all of their lives…

  2. Lauren Robertson says:

    Love! I check your blog like 3 times a day. Thanks for continuing to blog. Oh how I love little darth. We have got to skype ASAP! Love you guys!

  3. Don’t stop blogging!! I love seeing what’s happening. It is encouraging and gives me hope!! I’m excited for the days that we have craziness going through our house!!! Your right…just keeping it real helps everyone involved in this process!

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