A different kind of craft…

I love the homemade crafts (budget friendly ones), here a few that I’ve been up to lately…

I bake, it’s in our budget & a lot of our friends & family will be getting a treat for the holidays…


A Monster defense kit: a blanket to hide under, we had 2 brand new blankets at the house (you could also use a twin sheet) & I just added a heat transfer of a monster face that I got off “google image search”, some light up balls from the dollar store for defense, silly string to paralyze the monster & a snack for the stake-out.

Monster kit 1

A few homemade costumes for career day.  Thankfully we had all the makings at the house, just needed to add orange duct tape, once again heat transfer paper to add some patches from ‘google image’, & we splurged spent about $8 on hats to complete the outfits.


Some pistachio shell art for the baby shower a few weeks ago & a coffee filter paper bouquet.

pistachio art (1)

I try to get the kids involved as much as possible here are our two youngest helping me flip the turtles (pistachios) on their backs so Mami can paint the other side.


Lastly I made a homework board for a sweet friend’s birthday.  Just added some pin-striping tape at the bottom for hand writing help & added modge-podged pictures of the birthday girl to the magnets provided with the white board.  A gift well under $10.

Found out that our oldest needs a train for a parade at his school next week…guess that’s what I’ll be doing the next few days.  Wish me luck!

At the dinnermesa,


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