More days in TX…

Thanksgiving was great, full of food, family, & thanks!  The kids loved seeing all of their family.  Tyler’s cousin asked, “is this too much for them, people-wise?”  So far the kids have been great.  On the way over to the first Thankgiving we remind them that this is all their family who are happy & excited to see them.  Afterwards we get into the car & the kids like to brag about how much family they have.  I am so thankful that both of our families have been 100% supportive & loved on our kids since day 1, they have never been made to feel unwelcomed or unloved.  They were immediately claimed as part of the group & immediately claimed all of our family too.

Also completely forgot to take any pictures of their first Thanksgiving but here are some memories…

1. Stuffing is not a Colombian favorite.

2. Sweet potato casserole is.

3. Pie is not my children’s love language.

4. Rice krispie treats & cookies is.

5. It’s hard to get frustrated at a kid who is misbehaving when he has asked you to call him Santa Claus for the rest of the year.

Also here are some pictures to ease the pain of no Thanksgiving ones…

Finally got some boy dress-up clothes

The girls like it too!

Special visitor all the way from Colombia, the kids were so excited to see Daniela!

We play with our friends at the park

We visit friends & see their amazing trains!

We go out to eat with the Grandparents

We play at the park with the Grandparents

Big brother loved working in the garden, he goes out every morning to check on the plants.

Big sister working in the garden

Middle brother helping with the flowers

Hard at work…

Darth “helping” in the garden, this was not her cup of tea

We dance…all the time!

Also our first homestudy went great!  We get to keep the kids another 6 months 🙂

I’d like to apologize for all of the grammatical mistakes, I am fully expecting a corrections email from the husband later today.  Hoping that you & your family had a great Thanksgiving too!  Navidad here we come!

At the dinnermesa,



One thought on “More days in TX…

  1. Renee Brendle says:

    Love reading these great stories. I’ve thought a lot this week about ya’ll, the Kecks and others who are enjoying an exciting holiday season due to adding to their families.

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