“Friends” baby shower…

So if you are a guy, this is not the post for you…it also has not one photo of our children in it!  Also you should know that “Friends” is in quotation marks because we based the shower on the this TV show, not because we are only air-quote friends with the Mommy.

Earlier today my friend Lisa & I got the privilege to throw a baby shower for our beautiful friend Coco.  When we first got married my husband did not understand why I love to craft, throw parties/showers, or stress out about the little details.  I explained that it is my way of showing someone that they are special, what they like matters, it’s an avenue for their family to see that they have friends who care about them & support them.  And it is FUN for me.  Here are some pictures of our morning…

The infamous “Friends” couch

Party favors a little Coco”a” to take home & enjoy, and a reminder to pray for the sweet baby girl who will be joining us soon. Also mag-na-doodles because they go along with our “Friends” theme…the back of Joey & Chandler’s door.

Coffee filter flowers for our “Central Perk” setting.

Love old sewing drawers

Fun quotes from the TV show

Some of Coco’s favorite treats

We had all of the guests draw a phrase or picture for Coco & took their pictures. Baby girl was the only one who didn’t object to me putting it on the computer…look at those blue eyes, she is gorgeous!

My attempt at chalkboard art, not up to Lisa standards but still fun

Congratulations to Coco & Javi, new baby girl is going to be so very loved!

Happy hostesses

The true secrets of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.

~William Morris

At the dinnermesa,



3 thoughts on ““Friends” baby shower…

  1. Melissa Rendon says:

    Love it too bad I’m not having another baby I’m gonna have to find an event for you to coordinate for me and Lisa mad props for the drawing! Too cute! 😉

  2. Kathy says:

    Almost makes me wanna have one more so u can “love” on me. I feel the same way about how it’s all in the details, I love to do it to and should do it more. You def have the gift!

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