A Dedication…

Orphan Sunday, a Sunday where the church takes a moment to pause  & look at the plight of the the orphan in the world.  Where the church body is called to action for these children.  Because as David said this morning at church, it is a command not a calling.

In our church we do a child dedication.  A dedication in front of the church that we as parents will be a Godly example for our children & raise them up in the ways of the Lord.  We cannot obtain salvation for them, that is a choice that they will have to make on their own.  This is usually only done with babies but one Sunday out of the year we do it for orphans who are now part of their forever family.

As we got our kids into big church they were enthralled with the theater seats, this kept them occupied & out of trouble for the most part.  And then the music started, my oldest son then very loudly begins to exclaim, “3 guitars, Mami there are 3 guitars!!”  He was in love with the music, especially when there was a saxophone solo.  Then we had a baptism & it was one of the students in big brother’s class.  When the pastor asked for the friends & family to stand he proudly stood up with a fist pump & stated, “Mi amigo!”

When it was time to head onto stage, we were ready & armed with 2 grandpa’s to help with crowd control.  The kids did really well, they loved seeing themselves on the video & big brother could not believe that he got to be that close to the instruments.  After the pastor prayed for them the kids were presented with Bibles.  You have never seen such excited kids!  The bibles were immediately opened & exclaims were made, “we love them, they are just like Papi y Mami’s, & they are in Spanish!”  It means an incredible amount to us that our church actively participates in orphan Sunday, there is just something amazing about being to publicly say, “Yes these are my children, this is the family that God has entrusted me with & I will do my best for them because of Him.”

David also made a great point during his sermon…it’s hard.  The paperwork, the money, the travel, the loneliness…and then you come home & start the hard part.  But tonight I will share some blessings from this weekend:

We went to game night at my Grandparents church, their class wanted to meet the family that they had been praying for all of these months & we were happy to say “thank you” to some of our prayer warriors!  Right as we walked into the room the kids saw a large wooden cross up on the stage & my oldest instantly said, “that is the cross Jesus died on” & then our two oldest told this story together, “he died on that cross for the world but he is not dead he rose again & went into heaven & also into Mami & Papi’s hearts.”  You should know my biggest fear is that my children won’t find salvation because Tyler & I are still learning Spanish & just have a hard way of communicating everything but how good is God, He will find a way!

Game night with Meme & Papa

Tonight on the way home from church big sister was talking to herself & I turned down the music so I could hear her.  “Thank you God for my family, for my Mami & Papi, for my brothers & sister, for my clothing & toys.  Please help us be kind to each other & love everyone because it makes you happy God.”  She caught me listening & said, “I can talk to God anytime, right Mami?”  Absolutely sweet girl.

Tonight at dinner the kids talked about their old house.  Where they were before they were part of our family.  These are hard stories to hear, they break my heart, I learned why my youngest son hates cold water & has nightmares.  But they are sharing, they are trusting us & feel secure enough in our home to let us in.  The more we know about these demons in their past the more we can understand & pray for them.

Sitting in thankfulness that my children are no longer orphans.  Praying for those who still are.

At the dinnermesa,


3 thoughts on “A Dedication…

  1. Sharon says:

    It was an amazing day, and I was so happy to see the culmination of so much hard work. Yes, now the really hard part begins…but you have the tools you need. A family who loves you, a church family who supports you, and a Savior who holds it all together. So blessed to know the Nichols family.

  2. Haley Fisher says:

    I am not a crier (I take after my daddy in this), but this post makes me want to cry. I can not wait for Thanksgiving when I finally get to meet my new cousins 🙂

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