Halloween, Take 1…

This is a just for fun blog, just some memories that I hope we never forget.  We are on the Dave Ramsey road so store bought costumes were out.  Luckily TX Thrift had tons of costumes & the boys have a grandma who can sew.  We were all ready to go!  Unfortunately no matching group costumes this year but maybe someday, that is the dream after all.

Some delightful drama with costumes:

Big and middle brother: Both on board with being cowboys.  They sweetly ask Mami, “Will you draw mustaches on us?”  Absolutely I will!  So I draw on  a nice sensible mustache for each of my vaqueros & instantly I am greeted by frowns.  Thank goodness they have a Papi who added curls to the end of the staches, they wanted to be the bad guys!

Little brother: In the store he was all about being a giraffe.  Then I pulled out the costume & both of his big brothers burst out laughing…he was pretty upset & informed me that he wanted to be a cowboy too.  Sorry kiddo too late for that, no extra money or time.  Luckily we had watched the movie Puss’n’Boots & convinced him that he could be just as cool as a cowboy if he went as Jirafe in Botas.  Also the costume we got him was just a little too small so anytime he put the head on it would give him an instant wedgie.  Tyler said that he looked like a fat guy with a skin disease in boots.

Big sister: Big girl wanted to wear her sparkly Sunday-going-to-church shoes with her princess costume, but on Saturday when the kids all first wore their costumes for a carnival it was freezing so Mami said, “no.”  Big girl was pretty mad until she remembered that a friend gave her some purple boots that would go perfectly with her purple dress.  Clothing crisis solved!  By the way I am anticipating some clothing arguments coming up during the teen years, starting to pray for them now.

Darth: Loved her costume, loves dogs, even wore her dalmatian leg warmers & let me paint her nose & eye.  The only issue was as soon as the costume was on there were no more words from baby girl, only, “bow wow, bow wow, bow wow, bow wow”  over & over all night long.  And not in her precious cute little girl voice, nope she would make her voice as deep as possible & then say it.  So we had this precious, creepy sounding puppy following us around all night.

Needless to say it was a great night, that ended with 5 sleepy kids heading home happy & candy filled.

At the dinnermesa,



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