A very different birthday…

It was different from any birthday that I have ever had…

My parents had very generously volunteered to watch the kids so Tyler & I could go to the movie & grab a bite to eat.  We got good reviews & picked out a movie to see but then at the last minute decided that we would rather talk then sit in the dark for 2hrs, probably because we would both fall asleep.  So we headed to Half Price books, because on Wednesday at the kid’s school it is “dress like a story book character” day & we will not be spending more money on costumes so we went looking for a book that will work with what we already have.  It was a nice time, we sat on the floor at the store pouring through children’s books, talking about ones we remembered from our childhood & telling funny stories about our own kids.  After we located one princess book & 2 cowboy books we went to Red Robin to eat, because we can split a sandwich & enjoy bottomless fries =’s it fits in our budget.

Afterward we headed back home & played with our kids.  We played house, cars, with chalk, & I got some fabulous homemade birthday cards.  After playing we dressed the kids up to head to their first YMCA Kid’s Fest,  it’s a big fall festival that the local YMCA puts on every October around Halloween.  My folks treated us to a great birthday dinner at Chickfila (can you believe that we got to eat out twice in one day!?!) & our good friends Isaac & Lisa joined us; then we headed off to the fiesta!  Now you should know I worked at this YMCA from the age of 17-26 & I LOVED the fall carnival, it was my favorite event that we did the entire year!  So it was really wonderful to be able to bring my family to it, see my old coworkers & the new staff excited about serving their community.  It was a great night & the kids loved it.

As we drove home Tyler told me, “I am sorry I didn’t do more for your birthday.”  Crazy man!  I reminded him that he got me 5 kids, I am set on presents for quite a while.  Finishing up a casserole for Sunday School tomorrow & then I am off to bed, I think 29 & I are going to get along just fine this next year.

Cold weather can’t stop us from heading to the park!

A little craft time for Mami, a perfect present

Blow out your candles Mami

A delicious birthday meal at Chickfila

So little brother got a little upset when he found out his brothers were cowboys & he was a giraffe (even though that is what he picked out at the store)…so we ended up with a jirafa con botas!

Lisa with one of our vaqueros (didn’t their Grandma do a great job on making those vests!)

Papi Grande & our perrita

Isaac hanging out with our jirafe

Abuelita & the princesa

Sweet girl tuckered out from too much fun

A sweet birthday song for Mami.  Big brother has been practicing the song “Happy Birthday Jesus” for the Christmas musical at church, so we listed to it in the car everyday, multiple times a day.  So the kids are all getting to be really great at singing Happy Birthday but please listen at the end because one of my children says, “I love you Jesus” at the end of singing, just like on the cd.  Precious!



At the dinnermesa,



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