The Incredible Hulk…

So do you remember that sweet 2yr old that we brought home from Colombia…most call her Darth.  Well sweet pea has morphed into the Incredible Hulk.  You see the beautiful little girl, precious as she can be but as soon as she does not get her way look out a tantrum is sure to follow.  A good old-fashioned throw myself on the floor & thrash around tantrum.  Darth has decided that it is okay to say “no” to Mami & Papi when she doesn’t want to sit in the silla azul (aka time out).  She has decided that it’s okay to hit her brothers & sisters if they tell her no or have a toy that she wants….

Oh Darth…

…whoops, wrong picture, just so hard to tell the two apart sometimes!

Girlfriend is giving her Mami gray hair!  She was starting to win daily battles, I found myself giving in, appeasing her constantly, giving her brother’s toys to avoid a silla azul fight.  I wasn’t doing her any favors, this lazy behavior will hurt her in the end.  So I went back & reread The Connected Child & began praying for her during the midst of these daily outbursts.  Today’s prayer:

Dear God,

Help me be a good mom to this baby girl.  Give me patience & kindness while I am disciplining her.  Give her a heart of obedience & a spirit of cooperation.  Allow me to be an example of kindness for her.  Please give me the words (in Spanish) to explain why we need to be kind & respectful to others.  Thank you for blessing me with this baby.

It’s not much, it’s not eloquent but praying during any discipline has become a constant reminder to Tyler & I that we are the first “example of  Christ’s love” that our kids are going to see.  God gives us peace, reminds of us of our blessings, & causes us to pause & make sure that our reaction to the behavior is done out of love & not revenge.  Prayer gives us strength to keep consistency & avoid anger.

There are still so many times that we fail, that we just pray for the easy way out, that we forget to praise & just wait for the kids to “mess-up”.  There are so many times that I have set my kids up to fail by setting expectations to high or by just being impatient over insignificant things.  But there are very few times that we have not rebuilt the relationship after a time-out, & remind our kids that we love them & that they will always be our family.

Still learning & thankful that everyday is a new day.

Ugh she is so stinking cute! Her new favorite/most-precious-thing-in-the-world action is to say in a very sweet sing-songy voice “poquito mas”…I immediately melt & fall in love all over again!

At the dinnermesa,



3 thoughts on “The Incredible Hulk…

  1. Jacqui Lundy says:

    Oh the joys of parenthood. They sure bring out the ugly in us, don’t they? The times at the end of the day that I feel the best are the days I spend praying through the discipline. Why don’t I do that all the time??? Thankful for His grace and mercy, and for blogs like yours that make me feel like this parenting thing is universal and prayer works 🙂 praying for you, sweet friend.

  2. Vicki lindsey says:

    Now it is so much easier to understand God’s never-ending love for us, right? It helps me keep going through the times when I’d like to give up. Keep it up, friend–He gives strength to the weary. I am giving testimony to that truth!! (And remember, she is a typical two year old; this won’t last forever as long as you keep reminding her she’s not the boss!!)

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