People are still being nice…

People are still being so kind to us!   Tyler & I were talking that the “nice train” is going to run out on us soon, we have been so overly and abundantly blessed!  Meals brought to the house, help at church, clothes & shoes for the kids, toys (new & new-to-us), play dates, family has been great at stepping in as babysitters.

We are working on paying it forward.  A friend just made it back from Ethiopia with her son!  Another friend & her husband are in Uganda trying to bring their sweet boy home. Another friend is in Bogota with her husband & daughter picking up their 2 kids.  Our days are flooded with prayers for these families, for these waiting children.  We pray for patience, peace & family bonding.  We will never forget our time in Bogota, the helplessness that you feel while you wait for the official “OK”, until you are on a plane home with your children there was always that small sense that it may not happen, that you may have to leave these children that you love so very much in their country.

Praying specifically today for our friends’ little boy in Uganda.  Praying that the judge sees the pure love in his parent’s heart for him & the blessings that will flow on him being part of his new family.  Praying that this family’s faithfulness & kind hearts are evident in the court room.  Praying that this sweet boy comes home soon.

They help feed our crazy kids at church…

They send our kids presents…

Presents specific to them…

A new pencil box, to keep his things safe.

Wrapping paper, a new concept for little brother. He also kept the wrapping paper as part of his gift.

Girl loves some jewelry

They bring their kids over to play with ours…

How many helpings he had of a dinner brought to us by friends…

And they send us boxtops so I can get my “mom card” finally!

At the dinnermesa,


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