First day of school…nope

Oh Wednesday we had everybody up, dressed, fed, backpacks on & out of the house  by 7am to head to our first day of school.  Pictures were taken, their clothes were ironed (yes even the tshirts, I tried to control what little I could), lots of talks about being respectful & kind were said & we were off to school.  As we arrived bogged down with their new school supplies (shout-out to the Grace family that provided all of the school supplies, THANK YOU!!!) we all walked in with our best behavior.  About an hour and a half later we ALL walked back out.

On Tuesday our three oldest had their first Doctor’s appointment & all got 4 vaccines.  It was a hard day & a hard thing to watch, they all hobbled around like old men the rest of the day.  When we went to school Wednesday morning we found out that although we met TX standards we did not meet our school’s shot-record standards so it was back to the doctor for us.  Praise God I had already scheduled a check-up for our youngest 2 for Wednesday so we called & asked if we could bring in our oldest 3 again for some more shots & the doctor agreed.

My old men, please notice that they will not bend their legs at all

The hardest part for Tyler & I yesterday was that feeling of lying to your kids.  We told them that they would start school today…nope.  We told them that they wouldn’t need shots for at least another month…nope.  We told them that they would only need to get one more shot…nope.  I realize that so much of this was out of our control but it still stinks when you are trying to build trust with your kids, kids who have been let down so many times before, & nothing you say is coming true.  So we promised them the one thing that we could make happen, ice cream after shot day!

As promised ICE CREAM, thank goodness for frozen treats! They still have not experienced Blue Bell…saving that until we really need it 🙂

All in all shots turned out: Big brother (6), Big sister (5), Middle brother (6), Little brother (5), Darth (2)…(#) is not their age it is their shot count for the past 2 days.   They handled it like champs, some crying, some hobbling, some ice cream eating.  Our doctor & her nurse are fabulous & so very patient & kind with the kids, a big blessing!  Tyler ran into one of his work buddies at the doctor’s office & that instantly puts him in a better mood, he is so excited about getting back to work & all of his friends!!

Later that afternoon after ice cream & watching Cars 2 (for the 4th time this week, thanks again Sanders!) our 2 oldest boys started running fever.  So I headed off to the park to meet Grandma with the 2 girls & our youngest boy while Papi stayed home with the patients.  After the park we headed up to church & it did not go nearly as well as Sunday but the kids had been shot so many times that day so we will give them a pass. 🙂

At home everybody is feeling better but we are going to be fever free for 24hrs before we try the 1st day of school again.  So maybe Friday will be their first day of school.  I was nervous 2 days ago about them starting but now…GET THEM IN SCHOOL!!! This Mami can’t wait!  I still love them but my goodness they need to get busy learning, making friends, & staying busy.  Praying that our next try sticks!

The best of friends, Darth cannot help herself anytime she sees on of her dogs a loud squeal of delight is sure to follow

A new favorite game: notice the tip of a shoe peeking out from underneath the boy’s closet curtain…the kids set it up & then take turns running in & out of the room because there is a “stranger or a brujo” in their closet…

At the dinnermesa,



3 thoughts on “First day of school…nope

  1. Julie says:

    Children are very forgiving, but it hurts mommies & daddies when we fib to our kids even by accident, especially if there is physical pain involved. Shots, a necessary evil. As for school…. it was a dry run, the real thing will be sooo much smoother because of it. Hang in there Mami & Papi!

  2. Mona Bozeman says:

    Well hang in there Kids things will never be as planned. Well most of the time. Just know that your life now is Wonderful & You now have a 5 Ring Circus!!! I had a 4 Ring Circus it was & still is a “hoot”!! So just hang in there & God will take care of You & the Kids. Luv Ya’ll Bunches!!

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