Day 3…to Memaw’s house we go.

We took the whole family out to Memaw’s house today to “help” mow her land/Memaw was ready to meet her 5 new great grandkids!

And it’s off to Memaw’s house we go!

It was a great day, the kids quickly found the red wagons & filled their days pushing, pulling & sitting-in them.  They played for hours, watched the riding lawn mowers in awe, ate like pigs, got to know more of their family, & finally embraced the TX heat.  We forgot to warn them about the fire-ants so everybody came home with a few bites & got some calamine lotion.  My favorite part was when Tyler’s dad said, “It’s like they have always been here.”

Love meeting their Memaw

The boys learning how to check the oil on the tractors

Go faster was the most said phrase of the day…just like their daddy

First tractor ride with Tio Chappy!

Loving her Papi!

Riding the tractors.

Holding his baby cousin

Making smores with Memaw

Oh friends guess what tomorrow is, SUNDAY!   We are headed to church tomorrow, to our home church, to the church that has been praying for us, supporting us & loving us for the past 5yrs…nervous for our kids behavior but even if they are tyrants I don’t care I am so EXCITED to get to see our FBC family, to hear about the God that I love, to get to worship with my family!!!  Kids clothes are pressed & laid out….I was very close to putting us all in matching outfits but Tyler reminded me that if the ninos are misbehaving people will automatically know they are ours if we are all dressed alike.  Thank goodness I married such a smart man!/Maybe I will just dress the boys & Tyler in matching clothes…

Go to church tomorrow, no excuses.  If you can’t find the “perfect church” that’s because it doesn’t exist, you find one that preaches the truth, the Bible & will hold you accountable speaking in the TRUTH & LOVE!  If you are looking for one come to ours, you will already have 7 friends there.  Don’t waste another week waiting for the perfect time, the perfect life-stage for your child, an easy day, there is no such thing.  If you are breathing you need God, you need Him now, your kids need Him NOW!

At the dinnermesa,


4 thoughts on “Day 3…to Memaw’s house we go.

  1. Erin Bailey says:

    LOVE! Just told my husband your family’s story. He was in awe! We lived in Grand Prairie/Mansfield (behind the Target/Home Depot on 360!) before we got moved to Louisiana. I wish we were still close! I would have totally invaded and brought your kids a big batch of cookies! So happy for you!

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