Day 2…

Some great things that happened today…

Most of the kid’s paperwork was dropped off at school today, they are looking good to start next week.  Just in time for the kindergarten field trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  While I was dropping off the paperwork at the school Tyler watched all of the children by himself for 45min!

Look who watched the kids for a whole 45min all by himself!!

Tia Sara stopped by & hung out with her new nieces & nephews, we went to the park & then washed the car.

Giving the instructions: we are getting ready to help at the Single Parent Fair 🙂

Reward after a long day’s work!

Had another great day of friends stopping by.  First Rachel stopped by with her precious daughter, then Angela and her son stopped by for a hello.  Once again the kids are loving all of their new friends!  Angela was kind enough to offer to come by again tonight & bring Chickfila with her!  It was fabulous & once again the kids were delighted to have new friends, especially ones that they were going to get to see at church on Sunday.  Love pictures of the full dining table!

Loving the Chickfila (thank goodness!), absolutely no leftovers tonight!

And lastly we had some great friends email us some more pictures of the airport arrival, hope you enjoy…

Another shot of the crowd

The crowd that was waiting for us!

Welcome home!

Once again look at those beautiful faces!  So very blessed beyond what we could ever deserve or imagine!

At the dinnermesa,



3 thoughts on “Day 2…

  1. Gail Garrett says:

    Hello from Aunt Gail and Uncle Mark in MD- So glad you are back in the United States. Welcome Home! Can’t wait to see you and meet your family at Christmas!

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