Coming home…

4am came very early & very fast after a long night of packing.  The kids woke up like champs & within 5minutes were fully awake & ready to van a la Texas!  We were all ready with bags at the curb by 5am & headed to the airport. After a long check-in with the passport office, security, American airlines, & immigration we were finally at our gate.  Our oldest had already broken down in tears about 15 times.  Anything that was said that he didn’t agree with, or thought took too long, or wasn’t the right color, anything that wasn’t exactly what he wanted caused a breakdown, poor guy he was nervous.

Ready to go, 9 suitcases later…

Praise the Lord that airplanes are so cool, while we waited to load the plane the kids were all enthralled with the planes taking off.

Excited to get on the plane…

The first plane ride was pretty uneventful.  Everyone behaved themselves for the most part, Darth took a short nap.  The only drama was at the beginning.  Turns out booking 8 seats together with a 2 day notice is difficult.  So we loaded on the plane & began the great seat-switch of 2012.  We asked the flight attendant to help us & she said to get in our seats until the plane was full & then she would help us.  Well as you would have guessed the kids freaked out, luckily when you leave a crying/screaming kid next to a stranger they cannot wait to trade places with you & let you sit by your kid!  I love it when a plan comes together!!

As we landed in Miami, the kids asked immediately, “Texas?”.  Nope kids sorry this is Miami, then the kids ask, “Bogota?”.  We reply, “Nope Miami, the United States.”  They reply, “Texas?”   After 5 rounds of this we gave us & said, “Yep Bogota.”  When we arrived we are ushered like cattle up to the sky train to sit in the passport office where our paperwork would be processed & we could all officially enter the US & the kids would become official citizens.  Remember how great the kids did on the airplane, well I am pretty sure that they spent all of their, “good & pleasant behavior” for the day.  We sat in the  passport office for just over 2hrs.  It is a room with rows of chairs of people sitting quietly…& our family.  The kids colored, played with cars, made tents from the AA blankets we snagged from the last flight & ate snacks.  I believe that the highlight was when a woman told me that I needed to change Darth’s diaper, I had to explain to her in broken Spanish that Darth was just very gassy & that the diaper was empty…as the woman walked away Darth ripped another one.  30 minutes later Darth had finally filled her diaper & cleared all of the seats around us, baby girl can carry some stink!

An officer came & took the kids finger prints & told us that we were good to go, we were so excited because now we only had to wait 1 more hour before our plane would depart for Texas….then we got to our plane’s gate & saw that the layover was going to be nearly 3hrs.   Again can I remind you that our kid’s good & pleasant behavior ran out  a few hours ago.  We claimed a row of seats at the gate & began the “let’s entertain the kids for another 3hrs” luckily God had allowed us to stay in Bogota for 7wks so it makes you pretty fearless, we entertained the kids in a sand-box for nearly 2 months, I can handle 3hrs in the airport.  Again lots of cars, card games, chicken for dinner, changing into our TX outfits, & meltdowns filled the next few hours.

Finally it was time to load the plane & I prayed for grace for the seating situation but God had already taken care of it.  The plane was not full & we could all sit together without having to disturb anyone’s seats.  As we got into the air, the drink cart came around & big girl discovered the miracle of ice.  Darth was already sleeping & I was given a cup of ice water for her in case she woke up.   When big sister was finished with her orange juice she looked longingly at Darth’s drink.  I finally conceded & gave her the water…for the next 20min big sister delighted in the ice.  She told me that it is her favorite TX snack.

Just a cup of ice for me please

As we woke up the kids & told them we were in TX we got slow sleepy smiles & the question, “are we going to our house?”  Yes!  As we walked off of the plane & rounded the corner we saw the most beautiful sight!  A glass window with our family & friends waiting to greet us with smiles & welcome home posters!  I wish I would have snapped a picture but I was too close holding back tears, seeing these people that I had missed for months, ready to greet us with open arms!!  And luckily the kids saved just enough sweetness to be sleepy but pleasant to all of these people who were excited to see them!

Walking off of the plane! Loving our Ranger’s tshirts!

Hugs were passed around, tears were cried, cheeks were pinched, pictures were taken…we were home, we were with our family & friends where we belong!  It was after 9pm & you stayed up late to see us home & show our kids that they have friends here, what a blessing!!!

After luggage was collected & eyes were hardly able to stay open from sleepiness & emotion we headed to the van to head home.  As we reached the van eyes were popped back open & the kids were thrilled with their grande car.  Oscar was not a fan of the carseat & rode all the way home in Papi’s lap.  As we pulled into the driveway there were more friends waiting with cake & OTB queso!!  The kids ran into their house & right into their rooms, exclaiming how much they loved them. 🙂

After everyone got a glass of water we put them in bed & they went right to sleep.

We made it!

At the dinnermesa,



5 thoughts on “Coming home…

  1. Sharon says:

    I love knowing that you are all at home sleeping in your own beds. What a wonderful testimony of God’s amazing faithfulness. Can’t wait to see you all on Sunday. Of course, we may have to put up ropes like at the red carpets. There will be so many people wanting to watch you guys walk into the building that we may create a fire safety hazard. Should we warn Don Miller to expect a crowd in the children’s building???? haha Anyway, so happy for you…my heart is full thinking about what God has accomplished for you guys.

  2. Mona Bozeman says:

    WELCOME HOME KIDS!!! Thank God you make it home safe to TX!!! Will be do glad to meet Ya’ll. Take care of one another as I know you will. Luv Ya Bunches, Mona

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