Day 48… (a.k.a. Goodnight and Goodbye Bogota)

Our last day…

We thought it would never get here, but it finally did. Tomorrow we leave, exactly seven weeks to the day that we left.

Bogota is sort of not our home and our home at the same time. After living for the better part of two months in a new place, you start to get familiar with the the tempo and quirks that make it what it is. We know a sweet lady that goes to the park every morning at about 10:30 to walk her four dogs. I can tell you who to see in the peluqueria to get the best haircut. I know the only three places in a half-mile radius that sell Mt. Dew. I also know that on Thursday night at the park, there is a pick-up game of basketball. Having said that, we still long for our real home. The place we are suppose to be… Midlothian, TX. Tomorrow we will be there.

As Chistians, I think we forget that this world is like our Bogota. We are here for a while, we get pretty comfortable with the place, but we have to always remind ourselves that we are temporary residents. Our real home is in “el cielo con Jesucristo”!

As new parents, we remind ourselves that Bogota is everything that is familiar to our children. Over the next few days, they will feel exactly like we did the first few days we were here. They are excited to be coming home, but home will feel pretty foreign for a while. We’ve done our best to show pictures and explain, but there is no substitute for the real thing. I originally wanted to end the paragraph at that last sentence, but I was two or three paragraphs below when middle brother just crawled out of bed, shaking, and sweating a little. I scooped him up in my arms and asked him if he was nervous about tomorrow. He nodded. I talked to him, made a little bed for him on the floor beside the computer, and told him I would be here all night and all of tomorrow. I told him that we would face everything that comes tomorrow, and the rest of our lives together. That’s what families do!

This is our home in Bogota. Our place is the second row of windows from the top, on the right side of the big glass windows. The corner room is where we watch wrecks at the intersection.

A picture or our last Colombian morning out our front window.

So, for our last day in Bogota, we did something very un-Bogotaian (if that is a word) – we went swimming! Every kid except Darth, Beth, and I went to the apartment of our missionary friends to use their pool… Notice that I have been speaking Spanish so long I said “apartment of our friends” instead of “friend´s apartment”! Rediculous! When we got there, the place was locked. I definitely thought I was being funny when I said, “If they don’t let us in to use the pool soon, I’m going to have to use the bathroom.” I got the “I have six kids” look from Beth. After we got in, it was nice, and the kiddies loved it. It is a rule to wear swimming caps at the pool, so we definitely looked like a gang with our caps and water pistols! Our friends were amazing hosts as always, and were super nice to our kids. Little brother got over his fear of swimming, and joined us for a solid half-hour. Then his fear of swimming came back after he got three or four mouthfuls of water as he was repositioning himself in the tube. “¡No mas, Papi, no mas!”

On a related note, now that I am a family man, I am having to make a lot of sacrifices. I wore shorts for the first time since 2004, and I went swimming for the first time since I have been out of high school (1998). Beth thinks it is funny. I think Beth needs to get a life!

This is what our four oldest do when we ask them to smile. I promise, no one is sad or in pain in this picture.

Here you go. My legs really do exist. I’m not a Nearly-Headless Nick.

The Boys- Beth told us to pose for our picture with the water pistols. I really got into it. The kids didn’t give me the memo that we were suppose to shoot back at the camera.

The whole group. I think my pose in this one came from Charlie´s Angels, which might explain why it looks so feminine in retrospect.

Big sister time. We put the blue cap on her so we knew she was a girl. In the big life vests and the swim caps, they all looked the same!

For Mr. Cautious, the crappy life-vest wasn’t enough. He required two flotation devices before venturing into the water.

As for the other members of our party, my mom stayed home and packed. Thank goodness for that. We might actually get to bed tonight because of her work. Darth stayed home with her and took a nap. I missed mine.

I need to help Beth and Mom finish up the packing, so I better leave it there for today. Thanks again to all of you that have been with us in spirit while we are so far away. Please pray for travel tomorrow. As I just told one of our friends a few minutes ago, after studying for 13 years what holds planes up, I am more nervous about flying than any other time in my life!

Look out Texas. A storm is coming!

At the dinnermesa,



11 thoughts on “Day 48… (a.k.a. Goodnight and Goodbye Bogota)

  1. Becky Wilkin says:

    I am so proud of you all! I knew if anybody could handle this – it would be you. Tyler – you know you have been my favorite forever – but thru Beth’s blogs I have gained such respect for you both and your Christian hearts. Martha – you are a real trooper but knew you would be. Can’t wait to met all my new cousins! God’s time. God’s way. All things work for good for those that love the Lord! Boy doesn’t this remind us! Safe journey and please keep your blog going. Gives me a smile everyday!

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. becky cadden says:

    Praying…for your sweet family….bring on the ‘storm’. I live far enough away…lol..looking so forward th meeting your sweet family.

  3. Kora and Cole keep asking when they can meet your kids (we’ll be there in November). Kora said the sweetest prayer for you all last night. A couple of the specifics: the children will behave on the plane ride, and learn English quickly so they can talk to the kids at First Mansfield. We love you all and can’t wait to hear how the kids adjust to the great state of Texas!

  4. Candy says:

    Happy this part of your journey is ending and the rest of your life is beginning. Tyler I understand about the plane. Much love waiting for you and your kids when you arrive back in TX. I’ll be waiting on pictures of their faces as they experience this start in their “new” lives. I know Martha will be ready to be home too. Tell her we welcome her back too. Very excited that Beth’s parents are going to join us at FBC.

  5. Sharon says:

    You are on your way to Texas. Can’t wait to see you all. So amazing to see God’s faithfulness through the entire journey. Please keep blogging when you get home. I am hooked!!

  6. Lynn Jones says:

    Thanks for sharing your Bogota experiences with us. I was an avid reader of your adventures and can’t wait to meet your new family……in time. We will give you plenty of time to adjust.
    Welcome Home Y’all!
    Lynn and Danny Jones

  7. Christy and John Janda says:

    Thank you for being so honest in your experiences in Bogota and with the adoption. We are leaving in October to adopt 2 kids and add to our already existing family of 2 kids. Your blog has provided us some much to look out for, things to do while in Bogota and inspiration. Good luck and I hope to see how things are going-
    Christy and John Janda-Colorado

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