Day 45…

How do we fill another day in Colombia…

Starting the day off with some Tom & Jerry, please remember that our children have started their day with the same cartoons for a solid month now & they still love them!

Then we headed to the park & God provided some free entertainment.  First 2 boys were there with their remote control car & this kept our children´s attention for over an hour, until the boys ran out of gas for their car.   Luckily by that time a large group of teenagers arrived & our kids observed them & their games (lots of capture the flag & freeze tag) for another hour.

Our kids watched this car for over ah hour.

The jumps got a cheer everytime from our kids!

Nothing like a group of teenagers to keep your kid´s attention for another hour

We then headed home for lunch & wouldn´t you know that immediately after lunch there was a wreck on our corner, we have now seen a total of 7 wrecks on that one corner.  I had 2 kids that were struggling to finish their food & kept on playing but as soon as Mami said, “you can´t go watch the wreck clean up until you are done.” The food was shoveled down fast.  Sorry friends but yes this was about a 30min activity, the kids love to watch the police arrive, the clean-up, & then decide whose fault it was.  Since it is a 4-way stop with no stop signs this always leads to some great conversations, usually the kids decide that the person with the ugliest car is at fault.

Yep, we watched this wreck clean-up for about 30min

After Darth´s nap we headed to Del Rodeo, not for dinner but to play on the indoor playground.  Don´t worry we ordered juice for everybody so we were not free-loaders!

Please note that anytime we ask Little brother to smile we are given this precious grimace

Ugh this girl is just too cute!

A family pose, look closely for our 2 oldest up top

Afterwards we headed to get some Chinese food for dinner, it was the kid´s first time to have it & they all ate it up, the only thing picked out was the steamed spinach.

Ending the night by bringing home Chinese food for dinner.

After dinner a story, bible story, prayer & off to bed.

A little reading before bedtime, look at all that brown hair precious!

Praying that this time next week they are all tucked into their own beds with their church clothes laid out for tomorrow´s service at FBC!  Get ready there is a van of kids headed your way!!

Another day done 🙂

At the dinnermesa,



4 thoughts on “Day 45…

  1. Sharon says:

    I’m planning to be at the children’s building entrance early so that I can see this family enter our building. I’m thinking the angels may actually be visible on that day!! So excited for the homecoming.

  2. toni smith says:

    the best news ever and all that beautiful hair…the same as their mom…oh beth, i can’t express in words the excitement and love you are going to experience when you get home…please let me know when I can come and meet the Nichols children…i will keep up with you as i know you will be BUSY…love to all.

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