Day 43…

Hello friends and family,

It was a long frustrating day for the family…

Yesterday, after visiting the ICBF office, changing last names on birth certificates, and getting an ID card for big brother, we were ready to visit the Colombian passport office to get passports for each of the kids.

We had a very efficient morning getting the kids ready for the day and left the apartment at 8:30. We got to the passport office, and waited in a big room. After a little while, we got to wait in a smaller room. From there, the children went, one by one, into a cubical where they process the passports. I stayed in the cubical, handing over paperwork and putting my right index finger over the scanner when the man said “listo”. The kids each got their picture taken, not smiling (because they are suppose to not smile… not sure why). They all did very well waiting in rooms and not disturbing other guests. A security guard did tell Beth that she could not let little brother “chee-chee” in the ladies´ room on the second floor right before the “juice got loose”. He definitely had to pack up his business and Beth took him downstairs to the main restroom. Passports ready at 3:00 pm. Perfect.

Killing time while the older ones get ready for the day.

The big waiting room.

The small waiting room.

We then went to a gift shop so I could by a Colombian flag to hang proudly by our US flag at home. After I quickly ran in and made my purchase, I made the mistake of telling Beth, “They have some pretty cool stuff in there. Before we had five kids, it would be the kind of place we could browse around for hours.” Beth and Mom then took all my money and left me in the car with 5 kids for nearly an hour. I didn´t complain a whole lot because Beth and Mom had to wait in the car with the kids a bunch yesterday. Don’t worry, it is overcast and 60 deg. F here, so sitting in the car for an hour doesn’t mean the same thing as it does in Texas. The kids were great playing with their cars and flippy frogs (thank you, Gladney friends! I have no idea why the flippy frogs are such a hit, but they are).

We got home around 11:15, put on a movie for the older kids, and Darth and I were put down for a nap. I woke up a little crankier than she did, but it was because of the late night scrubbing floors for our landlord. Here’s proof:

A late night, the night before, loving the floors at our apartment. Hopefully it makes the landlord happy.

After lunch, we headed back to get our passports. Mom, Beth, and the kids waited in the car while I was suppose to run in and grab them quickly. Unfortunately, we had to wait an hour. During that hour, a lady informs us, if I understood correctly, that the printer at their office pooped out between Little Brother’s and Darth’s passport, so they can only give us four passports today, and we can pick up Darth’s tomorrow morning (insert Debby Downer noise here).

At some point, you get so tired of waiting, you do anything to entertain yourself… like documenting the waiting process.

We are so good at playing in the car.

I´m new at the Dad-thing… how long until we can expect more teeth?

Falta Uno! Four Colombian Passports. I think Big brother was sad for another reason… My frown was staged, but his looks a bit more genuine.

I was trying to explain what a passport does, and why we need it. Little brother was really soaking it up!

We decided we would go to the doctor’s office anyway and ask him to check out all the kids this evening. Tomorrow, after we pick up the passport, we will visit him again and have him fill in the blanks on the last form. Fortunately he agreed. For the next two hours, my Mom had to wait out on the lobby with the kids while we talked to the doctor. This was pretty hard for her since she knows very little Spanish. Afterwards, she told me that she said “no mas” about a thousand times cause that’s all she could think to say.

This evening, our lawyer friend, Lucy, calls and tells us that the group in charge of adoption visas at the US Embassy is moving offices, and they will not be processing any visas tomorrow (insert slightly worse Debby Downer noise here). She said she begged and begged the lady in charge, but she wouldn’t make any firm commitments. So, tomorrow, after we get our last passport, visit the doctor and get his paperwork, we are going to go to the US Embassy and wait to see if we can be processed, but Lucy, being as honest as she is, told us that it doesn’t look good. If we don’t get in tomorrow, we wait until Monday. Sounds like a lot more of sitting in the car!

Further, we are trying to buy cheap plane tickets, so in order to do that, my friend at American Airlines tells me that we can save $300 a ticket for the kids if we book three days in advance with non-refundable tickets. $300 times 5 is a pretty big number (very soon I’ll be teaching college math), so we really would like to do that. Also, she tells us it is pretty hard to find tickets around the weekends so it is looking like the soonest we will be home is the middle of next week (insert even worse Debby Downer noise here).

We super-duper miss home. We feel like that “Quantum Leap” guy that keeps living other people´s lives while he longs to be home living his own life (Only children of the 80’s and before should appreciate that reference). We’ll get there eventually. Thanks for all the love and prayer.

At the dinnermesa,


5 thoughts on “Day 43…

  1. Chad Nichols says:

    Just ask Ziggy what the probability is on getting you and Scott Bakula home next week. Like the haircut. We’re praying and can’t wait to see you home!

  2. Jane Thompson says:

    Hang in there sweet family…we know our God is in control. Praying for u all and your trip home. Look forward to meeting your little ones

  3. Have you called the Airlines and asked for an Adoption fare? I was told to make sure you specify this and “sometimes” you will get a nicely reduced rate as well. Blessings on your travel home, pray everything else goes smoothly for you all. Really enjoyed reading about your adventure….

  4. Lisa Berger says:

    You were right on with the remark for Quantum Leap (favorite show) and 2nd Chad’s remark. You and your family are sorely missed and the dogs are getting cranky wanting you home. We love you and pray for you daily. Maybe Martha can get some lifesavers and pass them out during the long waits!

  5. Sharon says:

    Sooooo close. We’ll be praying for everything to go so smoothly that you will be amazed at how God works out the passport, the doctor, the plane tickets, and all of the love and hugs you get when you return. You are almost here…I can feel it!

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