Day 42…

6wks, we´ve been here 6wks!  Hard to believe.  Our life before these kids seems so far away, Tyler & I were talking & we can´t remember how it was before them, it feels like they have always been part of the family.

Today we got up & headed to La Casa for the kids to say goodbye & also to get a copy of the video that was taken while we were there.  The file is incredible huge & I am having trouble getting it to our IT (Chris) department in the states to it will just have to wait until we get home.  But we got some very precious memories that we are excited to share with you all.

The Colombian bob-sled team & the beauty shop, all of this is happening while we are enjoying our favorite Tom & Jerry again

While we were at La Casa saying our goodbyes we got to meet 2 other families that were there adopting baby boys.  Both of the fathers had been adopted from La Casa when they were kids, isn´t that amazing!  Everytime we are there we get to see another miracle happen!

Martha was the kid´s teacher, she is wonderful, kind, patient, exactly the kind of teacher you dream of your kids having. We were so blessed to get to meet her!

Saying goodbye to one of La Casa´s staff, she was so sweet to our kids!

La Casa´s psychologist, he met with our kids weekly & prepared them for their new family, words cannot express how much he blessed our family!

Bye La Casa, thank you for everything!!!

After our visit we were supposed to head home to drop off me, Martha & 4 of the kids.  Papi & big brother needed to head to a Bogota office & get a special card for him to travel since he is now over the age of 7, but our timing got off & we ended up all going to the office.  As Tyler & big brother headed off to the office Martha & I were left alone with the 4 other kids for about 2 hours in the car…uh-oh.  But the kids did great, everybody got a small matchbox car & the kids played sweetly for the entire time while Darth took a nap in Mami´s lap!  Amazing!!

Thank goodness for matchbox cars!

After a quick lunch we headed to the ICBF office to turn in our new name certificates for the kids & sign some more paperwork.  While we were there the kids & Martha & I were stuck in the car for another hour.  Luckily this time there was a soccer field nearby, needless to say once again the kids did a great job & amused themselves for the good part of an hour & then we watched some high school soccer practice, the boys were pretty impressed (I told them about Bryce & Sam back in TX who could teach them all of the soccer moves they are going to need).

What you do on a soccer field when you don´t have a soccer ball

Being chased by all of the brujos

Watching some soccer

Can´t wait to play on a team!

Tomorrow is another day full of appointments & the kids will need to be well behaved again.  Please prayer for the kid´s patience & behavior & that the process continues to go smoothly.  So close to being home we can almost taste the “On the Border.”

Also as promised here is our very first family photo, I believe that my favorite compliment is when my mom says ever so sweetly, “You look like a bunch of refugees”…

Yep…we are a family!


4 thoughts on “Day 42…

  1. Toni comiskey says:

    What a delight it has been to follow your blog the last few months. As soon as Katie shared your story with me, I began reading. Even the hard times have warmed my heart knowing that all things work together for good. (don’t get me wrong, the mom in me wanted to reach out and help and make everything better!) I believe God left you there long enough to have your own stories, long enough for the children to love and trust you before moving them to a whole new world, long enough to not remember a time without them…..And then He created an “official” family…one that has been in His sight always, one that feels like it has always been. It is so awesome how our Father works. His timing is perfect…we can recognize that later 😊 . He hand picked this special family. I am in awe of the obedience and love you and Tyler have shown and shared with us all. I look forward to meeting Tyler and your sweet children,

    Continued prayers for you all- Toni Comiskey

  2. Sharon says:

    Playing in the car while waiting for someone to do some official business — now you guys really ARE a family. I loved the traffic cones on the heads of the kids in the soccer field. It doesn’t always cost a lot of money to have a fun time and to make a memory. Every picture made me smile. I can’t wait to see all of these pictures made into a scrapbook. I love the smiles and hugs from every child. Saying goodbye is always hard, even when it is to go to the place God has created for you. sweet, poignant memories!

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