Day 41…

Whoops sorry for the lateness of the blog, don´t get too excited, Tyler is not blogging it´s just me.

Today was another normal day in Bogota the register is closed so we did our usual park day.  We did have a visit from our landlord but that will only upset you so we will save that one for another day.  Again his visit made us very thankful that we are home owners.

Tonight our Gladney representative, Lucy, came over & walked us through what the rest of our week will look like if everything goes perfectly.  It´s going to be busy but will get us home quickly, we are talking maybe this weekend!  Can you believe it!! Home still feels very far away: the family, the friends, the Tobasco sauce!

We have got appointments every day, for which I am thankful for, it makes the days go by quicker & helps us feel like we are accomplishing something & not just sitting still.

Yesterday when we told the kids that the Sentencia had been signed their reaction was, “So we are officially a family, right? ”  We reply, “Yes!”  Then the kids ask, “Are we leaving tomorrow?”  We reply, “No, but soon.”  Kids reaction, “When!!”

Big sister loving a good hamburger

An after haircut treat

Doing the Darth, no pacifiers needed when you have a hand

Little brother enjoying a McDonald´s treat

Big brother climbs trees just like his Papi

Haircuts with Grandma

Darth made it all of the way to the top of the playscape in McDonald´s, Papi had to climb up & save her, she wasn´t thrilled that her only option was going down the giant slide

It´s a good looking group!

Thank you all for your kind words, emails, & posts.  You have no idea how much your encouragement means to our family. Every hour we were bombarded with new messages, “likes”, & blog comments.  We were hit with a train of love! (cheesy but truthful).  Oh dear friends what would we do without you?  One of the orphanage leaders asked us how do we think that we are going to handle 5 kids on our own & we honestly told her, we have never been in this alone.  You have already embraced our children, prayed for them, prepared your kids to be their friends, warned their life group teachers that there is a storm a´coming, brought them presents, you have given them a place to belong, an avenue to be part of a much larger family!  It´s nearly midnight & I am at a loss for words, thank you is not enough…

I still remember sitting in bible study crying because children were physically not an option.  Mami was not a word I was going to get to hear.  Then these sweet wonderful women prayed for me, for peace & contentment & for a miracle.  I remember decorating our Christmas tree & breaking down in tears because, “what was the point” Christmas was for children, to teach them about God´s gift for our salvation & we had none.  I remember working in the youth group so thankful that God had granted us children (excuse me students) to pray for every week, to fill that longing of children of our own.  But mostly I remember that God surrounded us & flooded our lives with you through 4yrs of infertility & longing for a family.  5yrs is a long time to encourage our family, so again I am at a loss for words, thank you will never be enough…

At the dinnermesa,



6 thoughts on “Day 41…

  1. Julie says:

    Thank you for my daily Nichols cry, you never disappoint. It always humbles me and gives me an overwhelming joy at the same time. And when you get home… if you need some help with anything…. sign me up! Now git home!

  2. Donna S says:

    Beautiful children! It is so wonderful to see their loving faces. I am so thrilled for you guys that you officially have your family now. God bless you all. Safe travels back.

  3. NANCY says:

    Beth and Tyler,

    Our prayers continue for you and your beautiful family. God is so Good! PTL, for the wonderful blessings he has given you. We look forward to someday having the opportunity to meet your children in person.

    Juan and Nancy

  4. Sharon says:

    More tears. I love when God answers us “abundantly beyond anything we could ask or imagine” and he does it in such a special and creative way. One little baby would never have been enough for all of the love and affection the two of you are able to give. One child affected by your deep sense of spiritual responsibility is too narrow a focus for you guys. And to think of all of the adults and grandmas that have been affected by your 40 day journey in the “desert.” We serve an amazingly faithful God and I am changed by your words each day. Thank YOU for sharing this story with all of us.

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