Day 38…

So what do we do on a Saturday you ask?!?

Well it has been 5 days, therefore we thought that we would keep up our winning streak & go for another lice treatment & clean the whole house again.  It was nicer than the usual ones because this was a preventive measure, not an “I am disgusted with my kid´s hair treatment.”  All went well & if we are still here in 5 days we will likely do another one, just in case.

Tyler was a great dad & took the boys in the morning to see a movie, unfortunately this was the only kid´s movie that was playing.  Luckily the boys were thrilled to have Papi all to themselves & that got them through the chick flick.  They then treked over to McDonalds & shared some nuggets for lunch.  This afternoon he came home & did a switch out & took big girl to see the same movie.  Date night with daddy, makes my heart happy even if it means I am at home with the rest of them for lice treatments.

Our two youngest were homebound all day but so far the cough has improved & no one has run fever for 24hrs!  Martha took a turn for the worse & headed to bed at 6:30pm tonight hoping to sleep it off.

I got pretty snippy with my kids tonight, I am sick of being in the house, sick of picking through hair, sick of feeling sick, & I am just a bit of a whiny baby tonight.  I am amazed at how much grace my kids offer me, I nit-picked (not just their hair) but what seemed like every behavior for the past hour & did they turn on me or get ugly?  Nope I got a bunch of, “Si Mami”´s.  I did not deserve that.

Tomorrow is Sunday & we are trying to line up a ride to church.  I am desperate for some Christian fellowship & corporate worship.  To sing with many voices to a God I love, to hear His message spoken in love & power, & prayer.  Prayer has become breathing.  Outloud, in my heart, over my children, with my husband, in a song, in anger, in thanksgiving, in sorrow, in hope, in the kitchen, on the streets of  Bogota.  I can´t help myself!  Being here has taught me the true meaning of being powerless.  There is nothing I can do to change my situation, clearly nothing I can do to protect my children from sickness or lice, I am so very helpless but I have a life-line to the God of the universe & He cares about me.  I wish I would have realized this sooner, I hope I hang onto this desire to speak to Him in everything.

GO TO CHURCH TOMORROW!!!  Please do not make excuses, if you are parents be that example to your children, let them see that going to church is important, they are watching everything that you do.  How do I know, in my small amount of parenting experience?  I got onto my kid for picking his nose & I got told back, “but Mami, you do it”, whoops caught!

I ache to be with my FBC family but I am so very thankful to have the opportunity to worship with fellow believers here in Bogota.

At the dinnermesa,


9 thoughts on “Day 38…

  1. Vicki lindsey says:

    So glad it was a preventative treatment! I have been asking God to kill off any surviving lice & prevent any eggs from hatching! Sweet that Tyler was able to spend alone time w/ big girl; she must have eaten that up. I love reading about your days & how God is sustaining you. Praying for Monday & for a great time of worship tomorrow!

  2. Sharon says:

    We prayed for you in church today and many were reminded of the tremendous thing you are all doing as a family. Can’t wait for you to be able to worship with us once again.

    Prayer is breathing!! What a great message to all of us. So much we take for granted, and so many reminders of God’s power and grace all around us. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Donna says:

    We miss you guys, too – even the Nichols we have yet to meet face-to-face (though I feel I know them just a little from the blog). If you have a chance, google Louie Giglio’s mashup of the stars and whales song. We listened to it in life group this morning. It is a great way to get some perspective. I love that praying has become a continual Father-daughter conversation for you. What a blessing! Love to you all.

  4. Donna says:

    I just re-read my post. In my study-induced fog, I think I made it sound like I think you need some perspective, which was not my intention at all. What I meant was that the video gave me that sense of being part of something so grand that it blows my mind and it helps me rest knowing that God is so BIG! And by the way, I think you and Tyler are pretty great too:)

    • dinnermesa says:

      I knew what you meant :), when I saw the video it was a beautiful reminder of His creation, what a small part I am in it but how much God loves me. How glorious is His love to breathe beauty & life into all of His creations, that we all may worship Him! Thanks for thinking of us Donna!! I can´t wait to be back in Life Group!!

  5. Erin Bailey says:

    This post encourages me! I took both kids to church by myself for the first time yesterday. My husband got called in to work and I really wanted to just stay home. Instead I gathered us up and braved it. We have only been attending this church since December and are still getting plugged in, so I was a little intimidated. I am so glad I went because my oldest just turned three and I helped him participate in Children’s Church for the first time (as opposed to being in the nursery with the baby). On the way to church that day he said “Mama we are going to pray at my church,” and put his hands together like we have been showing him. Then I said, “Clint, who are we praying to?” (just to see how he answered) and he said, “God!” My heart melted! This was the first time he has said or done something like this without being prompted.

    So you are right, our children are watching us LIVE, and what we do matters more than anything we can ever say!

  6. dinnermesa says:

    Loved hearing this Erin, what a beautiful example to your sweet kiddos! There is just something amazing when their sweet voices pray to God!

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