Day 36…

Some treasures from today (this is more about us than you will ever want to know, can you tell that we are running out of things to talk about, sorry)…

At the breakfast Tyler jumps up abrutply & shouts, “I just pooped my pants.”  Apparently what he thought was a toot turned out to be a little more than expected.  There was definitely a skid mark on the chair before he rushed off to the bathroom. Poor guy, needless to say it was a long morning for him.

Tom & Jerry is delightful in any country.  Martha brought a 42min tape with her & the kids watch about 20min of it every morning.  Every day they laugh just as loud & say “Mira Mami mira!”  I have seen Tom get turned into a bowling pin at least 20x´s, but if it keeps the kiddies happy we are watching it.

I fell flat on my face in the middle of a busy Colombian street today & I pulled my 2 oldest boys down with me.  We nearly got hit by a truck, I skinned my knees but the boys thought that it was cool & asked to walk with Mami for the rest of the day.

I have worn the same 3 outfits for 5wks straight & it´s fabulous, we will be purging out the closets when we get home.  On the disgusting side I have not worn socks in 5wks & my feet & shoes are, well, disgusting.

We all went for ice cream tonight at Del Rodeo, because they have an indoor playground & the ice cream is $1/person.  I am lactose intolerant & I decided that my stomach is stronger in Bogota & could handle the ice cream.  Remember the first story I told you?  Insert it again here but instead of breakfast insert dinner & instead of Tyler insert Beth.

Tonight after praying Tyler told the kids that they can talk to God anytime that they want.  That He is always there & always wants them to talk to Him.  Tonight while we were putting them to bed I heard our middle son whispering, “Thank you God for this food, Amen.”  Thankful for that heart, that he wants to talk to God.

Last night I got a flood of messages, all containing scriptures about God´s constance & love for His people.  Thank you friends, I wake up every morning around 5:30 & read & read & read, filling up on all of the goodness of His word.  Reading verses that you send me, knowing that we are sharing these scriptures together fills my heart with joy.

Tomorrow is a big day, Tyler will be up at the court all day in hopes of receiving our Sentencia.  Please know that nothing has been promised & we desperately need your prayers.  This also means that Martha & I will be on our own with the kids all day (yep, we want this added to the prayer request list too please).

I can´t wait to tell you their names; a teaser their last name will be the same as ours.  I can´t wait to show you their faces; they are beautiful, silly & full of personality  (sometimes too full).  But most of all I can´t wait to tell the kids it´s official you are ours, you are part of our family forever, no matter what.  You are not alone in this world, you  have a place in our home.

Any restaurant that has an animal outside the front of it is a must-stop for our family, tacky I know

This ribbon was hanging off of the giant cow/bull outside of Del Rodeo, hoping it´s a sign that we´ll be coming home soon!!

At the dinnermesa,



5 thoughts on “Day 36…

  1. Jane Thompson says:

    So love you guys! Love to hear about your daily adventures. Praying for you all that you will have a restful and fun filled weekend.

  2. Sharon says:

    When I wrote earlier that I appreciate how transparent you guys are with your struggles and your journey, perhaps I should have said “within reason.” I groaned at the stories, but once again thought “these people are truly willing to share their lives with us…the good and the bad.” Praying for digestive peace this evening as well as for spiritual peace!! Thanks for giving so many of us something to look forward to reading each day. Can’t wait for you to be back in our country (YOUR country).

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