Day 34…

We started our day early.  Everybody was up by 7am & dressed, ready to go by 8am.  Everyone was neatly pressed & my hair was fixed for the first time in 34 days.  We were headed to meet the judge.  We were headed to put a face with the names on our paperwork.

We had the privilege to meet the judge & the family defender.  The kids were wonderful, hugs & kisses for everyone, polite & said, “we want to go home, to the United States, to Texas.”  The judge & the family defender were kind to our children & complimented on how sweet & beautiful that they are.

20min later we headed home to wait.  And by wait I mean head to the park, watch a movie & then later head out for dinner & an indoor playground.  We kept our usual routine & at dinner got a call from Lucy, “Still no news but we have reason to hope.”  That´s all I´ve got for you friends, thank you for the prayers, please continue them especially this week as we hope & pray for news of Sentencia.

The kids are doing great.  My teeth are rotting away from cough drops but they help get me through the day.  Martha is such a wonderful Grandma, she works so hard every day & just loves so unconditionally on the kids.  Tyler is the dad I knew that he would be, he is kind, consistent & is the father to these children.

I wish I had more for you friends but it will just be that much sweeter when the day comes that these children are officially ours & we will return home.  We´ll dance & sing eventually, but right now we kneel & pray.

Paper airplanes, waiting out the rain…

Reading the 3 little pigs before our bible story.

At the dinnermesa,



5 thoughts on “Day 34…

  1. Lynn Jones says:

    Your family’s ability to handle a foreign country, language barriers, lice and the whole scope of your new life is remarkable. I’m so glad that Martha is there with you to enjoy (?) the whole picture. Also, I am so glad that Danny and I saw the Nichols’ family before you left for Bogota and got the blog site so we could enjoy your daily reports. Yes, baby steps but going in the right direction. Y’all are doing such a great job and keeping your head high as obstacles present themselves.
    I know that everything will work out for you.
    Although the weather is cold and rainy, please enjoy what you can as Texas is still as hot as your remember.
    Good luck with all,
    Lynn and Danny Jones

  2. Sharon says:

    I am so happy that you report such good behavior from your kids and their hearts’ desire to go “home.” They know in their heart where their home is, and they are as anxious as you to be where they BELONG. I’m ready to dance and sing as well. Lots of prayers were going you way yesterday. Can’t wait to read the news that you are all coming home!

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