Day 32…

Well it´s been over a month & we are still here.  Still bonding & still waiting anxiously.

We went to the park today & had some nice visitors Lucy & Patricia stopped by to say “hi” & offer some encouraging words.  Still no news of travel but we are praying daily for an answer.

We started our day off with a Bible lesson on Noah & the Ark.  A favorite of mine, can you believe that he worked for over 100yrs building the ark being ridiculed the entire time & here I sit a little uncomfortable in Colombia for just over a month.  We can do this, it´s hard but again it´s worth it.

Craft time, we made animals for Noah´s ark.  This is our oldest chica as a mouse.  Our youngest boy made a shark…I didn´t fight his creativity with logic

Afterwards we headed to the park, then home for a quick movie & then a trip to McDonald´s for dinner & playground.  You will be happy to know that McDonalds plays music as awesome as a skating rink or bowling alley & all in English!!  I got to hear a little High School Musical1 & 3, Back Street Boys, a Lizzie McGuire classic, & my favorite Miley Cyrus´Party in the USA as a self proclaimed Disney junkie I was a little in heaven.

Also the kids did so well today, at the indoor playgrounds they are learning not to run up the slides & only go on them correctly.  Earlier this week when they were called off of the slides tantrums & silence ensued immediately & the 2min timeout turned into a 10min talk with Mami or Papi.  Today each one of my big kids made the mistake once & as soon as I caught their eye they walked calmly out of the play area & sat by Mami for 2min, talked with Mami about making the correct choice & were off again to play.  Baby steps my friends, baby steps.

Also at McD´s there was a big kid in the play area. You know the type, he hit puberty at 5yrs & is now a swarthy 10yr old who could probably buy a pack of cigarettes if you needed him too, his parents are up in the adult section because they can “trust” their son.  Needless to say he planted himself at the end of the slide & was not letting the rest of the kids pass easily.  That was until the Nichols´ 3 oldest came down the slide & informed him that he needed to play correctly or not play at all.  Gotta love those kids!

Please pray for good health, I no longer have to eat a third meal because I am so full from all of the cough drops that I have with me at all times.  I just can´t seem to shake it, & it´s been hanging around for about a month.  Please pray for news.  We were skyping with Tyler´s brother & his family & the kids asked where they are at.  When we said TX they immediately asked, “When can we go home to TX, when, when, when?”   Ahh, the million dollar question 🙂

At the dinnermesa,


3 thoughts on “Day 32…

  1. Melissa Rendon says:

    Ah in the name of Jesus help Beth and Tyler and rid her body of sickness. Amen. 😉 stress makes u vulnerable to illness hang in there we love u all!

  2. toni smith says:

    baby steps, girl, i don’t think so, these seem like giant steps to me…one small step for God, one Giant step for a new family…good work

  3. Sharon says:

    It’s amazing that after only a month the kids know the rules and even the punishment for not obeying. When a kid realizes that soon how to adjust his behavior, you are making real progress. Remember, it usually takes about 40 days for a new idea to become a habit. After that, the habit becomes a character trait. What great character you are teaching these children!

    Praying for your energy and your health.

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