Day 30…

Longing for home…


Double-meat patty melt w/cheese…well just Whataburger in general.  Mexican food.  My job.  The dogs.   ICE.  Tap water.  Having our own room.  Dr Pepper.  English.  Beth´s cooking.  The sun.  Driving.  SMU football.  Having a full grasp on prices & spending.  Family & friends.  Not having to take anti-diarrheal medicine every other day.


On The Border.  ICE.  Our own room.  The pups.  Cooking & baking.  Calling friends to chat.  Spaghetti.  TX heat.  Being able to control a thermostat.  Driving.  Drinking tap water.  American TV.  Quiet streets at night.  Having clean feet.  An oven I do not have to start with a lighter.  A dishwashing machine.  Family.  Not having to take anti-diarrheal medicine every other day.


ICE.  Iced-tea.  Bacon.  Ronnie.  The family.  Friends.  Route 44 diet coke.  Not having to take anti-diarrheal medicine every other day.

Can you tell it was a long day with no pictures.  We did a LOT of walking.  Have a great weekend, we´ll be here.

At the dinnermesa,


8 thoughts on “Day 30…

    • dinnermesa says:

      Wish it was, unfortunately about every other day one of us is hit pretty hard by Bogota. We are not drinking the water so I guess we are all just sensitive & very thankful that we brought the medicine with us!!

  1. Jennifer Dennis says:

    Hi Guys! I think it is funny that Martha listed bacon ahead of Ronnie. Thank you for sharing your honesty. It helps us know how to pray and gives us urgency to pray. You are not alone and not forgotten. I feel like I’ve spent more time with you there than here because I read your blog daily!! We will be traveling to see you guys when you get home, if even for just an hour to hug on you all!

    Love you guys !!

  2. toni smith says:

    a sense of humor is sooooo important…i am always praying and continually thinking of all of you, i can’t believe how far you have come…have you gone back and read you post from the beginning…you would be amazed at what has been accomplished in such a short time, i know it seems long to you. This is am amazing journey of love and commitment, honesty, anger, stillness, silliness, learning. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

  3. Sharon says:

    It’s nice to think of all the things that are special that we take for granted when we see them every single day. Your words are making me more thankful for all of the things you listed. (Especially NOT having to take anti-diarrheal medicine.)

    There were a few things you did not mention that you are missing — because they are with you there! God’s presence, the Holy Spirit, God’s holy Word, your faith, your generous and loving spirits, the prayers and thoughts of your friends and family. Can’t wait to see all of your faces!

    • dinnermesa says:

      I almost listed bible study but really it is the fellowship. We are in our bibles studying daily & yes, God is with us always!!

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