Day 28…

Another day closer to home…

A day at home, Bogota has become cold & rainy but it´s miserable to stay in the apartment all day so we try to find pockets of good weather to head out in.  Today we went to the park & then walked to the grocery store for our field trip & then back to the park.  Tis the life…

Thank goodness for the sand pit!

Our field trip for the day: the grocery store

Loving all of the producs selections, we´ve tried so many new fruits (some good, some not so much)

No we didn´t buy it but we definitely had people laugh when we took pictures with it.

A shout-out to Grand-dad at home, a Colombian station 🙂

Headed back home after our walk in Bogota

It´s getting colder in Bogota!

Another turd-free shower!

Please pray for good weather, the days are long in the apartment but being able to move around the city makes them so much more bearable.  The kids are doing great!  Anxious to come home, just like Papi, Mami & Grandma!

We have been practicing English as the kids get more curious everyday.  Some favorite phrases:

Please & Thank you

Excuse me

Bathroom please

And they love to count, usually it is because they are counting whatever is in their possession to make the other sibling jealous, but if it´s getting them to count in English I will take it.  They still don´t believe me that there is a “six” in the middle of 5 & 7, maybe someday!

Praying for so many of you daily, hoping that you are lifting our family up too.

At the dinnermesa,



6 thoughts on “Day 28…

  1. Chad Nichols says:

    Very cool link. It’s great to hear your voices. Very cool that one of the first times was a prayer. Work on the phrase “My uncle is epic!”

  2. Gail Garrett says:

    We continue to lift you and your family up in prayer. I had tears in my eyes to hear their precious voices in prayer.

  3. Allen Crum says:

    Love following your story, my wife and I are a Gladney family waiting to hear about our referral. You have an amazing story, it takes such courage to adopt one child let alone 5. 

    God’s best to your whole family.

  4. Barry Goldfarb says:

    Great to hear your kids voices. Looking forward to meeting them.

    What have you got against Salmon Mousse on a fish shaped mold? I make a Salmon Mousse, and I have a fish shaped mold that I use to make it.

    Just a short note to let you know we are thinking of you.


    • Misty Fisher says:

      “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12

      I have been trying to find a verse of encouragement to send you guys. You are on our minds daily. Love the blog and reading about your adventures. This will be something you will always want to keep and share with the kids as they get older.

      The verse says to me that the hope you have about receiving that call you can come home. Patience through the trials and tribulations that have presented themselves while you have been there. Being faithful in prayer will bring you home when God is ready for you to come home.

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