Day 27…

Trying to keep on the sunny side.

1.  Kid´s put on a puppet show for us this morning.  Their cousin picked out 5 puppets for grandma to bring down with her: a lamb, a lion, a monkey, a duck, & a monkey.  They were a hit once the kids figured out how to use them.  The first show (of about 15) was a sweet song that all of the animals sang together.  The 15th show ended with the lion eating everybody.  Another great life lesson from the our kids.

What do you think Ms. Robyn, do you have a spot for them on the puppet team 🙂

2. We went to a real-live movie in a theatre.  In Bogota you buy your tickets & have assigned seats, we sat in row K.  The theatre was empty but being the rule-following people that we are we sat in row K in our assigned numbers.  During the previews I definitely asked Tyler, “Do I speak Spanish, is it finally all making sense to me?”  He sweetly replied, “No that one was in English.”  We saw La Valiente (Brave) & the kids were a fan, Darth made it through the first hour & then drifted off for a nap.

3. We went & ate at a food court.  We still have not managed ordering food for our kids & a lot is still wasted.  Frustration, it´s like watching $5 bills being thrown into a trash can one nugget or soft drink at a time.  On a side note the sauce that came with the nuggets you ask? Honey mustard, ketchup, ranch, nope…tarter sauce.

4. Our oldest turned 7 today.  We have tried to keep birthdays pretty low key around here otherwise sibling rivalry begins to rear it´s ugly head.  After dinner we bring out the cake sing Happy Birthday, first in Spanish & then in English & one present is opened.  He got a green hot wheels car, 3 pieces of chalk all wrapped up in a Ranger´s t-shirt!

Nice not missing anymore birthdays with our kids!

5. When he opened his present & asked what his t-shirt says, we answered Texas.  He (our oldest, who still likes to use his old last name as a defense tactic) asks us, “When can we finally go home to Texas?”  Thank you God for that sweet reminder that we are all ready to go home.

6. After dinner the kids saw my phone on facebook & asked what it is.  I responded that these are my friends at home.  They then wanted me to show them their friends at home.  So we went through many of our friend´s pages & showed them pictures of all the kids.  They are so excited about their new amigos & amigas.  I wish I could explain to you how much joy that gave me, they are ready to come home & meet all of you, they were beside themselves excited crowding around my phone to see pictures of their new friends waiting for them in Texas.

Trying very hard to find the humor in everyday.  Please pray for our attitudes.  It´s not fair to the kids, they are wonderful & loving & we are bonding as a family but everytime we get a call with no news I can feel our countenance change.  We get shorter & more impatient immediately, and tears are pretty close to the surface.  Usually one of us will snap out of it & remind the other one that this is a blessing, this is the road we signed up for, & this is where God wants us with our kids.

At the dinnermesa,


7 thoughts on “Day 27…

  1. Jane Thompson says:

    You all are truly amazing and it’s fun to hear how u all r growing as a family. Cant wait to meet all of your little sweet ones. I am continually praying for u all. Love you

  2. Trish says:

    Oh Beth … your posts are the highlight of my day! I love to hear how you are bonding as a family, new things you are learning, and lessons that are — at times — heavy. Please know you are loved and we are praying for good news soon!

  3. Sharon says:

    Quick note on how we handled fast food splurges with our four kids when they were younger. After a while, I knew what each kid liked best and how much they would eat. I ended up buying adult meals that could be split up. We never ordered 6 bags of fries, for example — too much waste. The kids meals always seemed so overpriced, and I could usually feed the whole family on 3 adult meals and then there were no pesky toys to worry about losing or breaking before we got out of the parking lot. A trip to the dollar store was much more fun for them, anyway because there were choices!

    Just one way to deal with it. Keep the stories coming, and we’ll keep sending prayers your way.
    Sharon Lee

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