Day 26…

Longing for home, luckily God gave us some humor to prepare us for hard news tonight.

We spent the morning & afternoon at the park.  In the morning the kids finally overcame their fear of the mariposas (butterflies) & began catching some of the hundreds that are living there.  Unfortunately it was a bit like Lennie in Of Mice & Men, they kids would tell us that they were sleeping, but let´s be honest there was no movement on several of these loved on creatures.

Snacks with Papi in the park

Collecting mariposas

Making mariposa habitats, you´ll be happy that they included a bedroom, kitchen & bathroom. You will not be happy to know that the bathroom & kitchen is the same room.

Darth has taken to pooping in the shower.  It´s kinda her thing…it´s also disgusting!!!  Probably the most disgusted is big sister who takes a shower with her.  So tonight before their shower I plopped her down on the toilet & big sis & I chanted “poo-poo, poo-poo.” And then it happened…she was shaking her head & saying “no, no, no” & then suddenly looked up with a giant smile & a loud squeal!  Yep she did it & shower time went from  “dodge the turd” back to “loving the water”.

Earlier this evening when we were headed home from the park we took our usual route up to our room.  There is one elevator for our building & we have found out that we can cram all the kids, 2 adults & all of our park toys in it if we all breathe in at the same time.  The odd adult out then quickly runs up the 4 flights of stairs to assist in the unloading of our family in front of our door quietly because we have a disgruntled next door neighbor who does not delight in the family of Nichols next door.

But tonight it was a different story.  Have you seen this episode of The Office?  Don´t worry we didn´t have to establish a “pee corner” but we did get stuck in-between the 2nd & 3rd floors.  As we rang the bell for help our doorman began to give me instructions in Spanish…all I could make out was something about the door, I looked at our kids & asked them what he was saying & they just shrugged their shoulders.  A moment later the door opens a crack & he motions for us to push the door open.  He is sitting there with his tools & says to hold on a minute, we figured that he needed a different tool, nope.  Our door man then sweetly comes with a plastic chair for us to crawl out of the elevator…that fear of your children being cut in half at any moment, that fear of your mother-in-law being cut in half at any moment, then the final fear of yourself being cut in half at any moment (Tyler was the odd adult out & came back down when he realized the elevator didn´t make it to pull everybody out).

Tyler coming to pull us to safety

Stuck in the elevator; had to white out the kid´s faces, sorry “Paint” is in Spanish & this is the only tool I could figure out how to use 🙂

Needless to say we all made it, nobody got cut in half.


At the dinnermesa,


6 thoughts on “Day 26…

  1. Jen Vought says:

    Seriously??!! Seriously??!!! What an adventure!!! So glad you could laugh about it, what else could you do?! : D you guys are like veterans, you’ve already done it all! Miss you guys so much!
    PS ( found a tick in the back of Molly’s head yesterday and almost fainted, she also fell backward off bathroom sink and had a swing incident that required an ER visit this week! Needless to say she’s sleeping…bubble wrapped….)

  2. Sharon says:

    Forget the Office — I think there could be a whole season of television programs based on the escapades of the Nichols family in Colombia. I am never disappointed when I read your posts because there will always be something there to make me smile, sigh, or laugh out loud. One more memory for the books. Love it!

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