Day 25…

Another day down.  Bible story & craft project, late breakfast, park, movie.   The kids always get a choice of 2 movies, lately they have just been shouting out a number before I have shown them the movie & today I went with their number.  The boys were pretty disappointed when #1 turned out to be Cinderella, but big girl was pretty happy!

Adam & Eve lesson this morning, snakes for our craft

Afterwards we walked to McDonalds for a special treat…our special treat turned into a 3hr activity!  We were thankful for the cheap outing & a walk home in the rain.

Guess where we went today…

Nuggets for all!

Only 3 & older in the playarea, Darth had to watch with Mami

Bedtime has turned into a bit of an ordeal, in the beginning this was our easiest part of the day but our big boys are becoming more comfortable & have taken to playing after lights out.  I cannot wait until they are in their own beds & not all 3 in the same one.  Darth usually goes to bed immediately but tonight she is the only one still awake!  Maybe the thrill of McDonalds was just too much for her.

We are PRAYING for news tomorrow, the waiting & not knowing is getting to us.  It´s hard to live everyday & feel so helpless not being able to get anything accomplished to go home sooner.  People tell us to enjoy this time & focus on our family, we are.  We love being with them & growing together but this is not home.  This is not where my children will grow up, make friends, go to school, visit family, be able to find structure that they can count on.

Today was promotion Sunday at our church & it was the first time in 5yrs that we haven´t spent the night before praying for the 10th graders that we would be teaching.  We miss them.

Please know that we have found contentment & joy.  We feel like these are our kids & have always been our kids, 3wks ago seems like a lifetime away.  I love these kids, I just want to be around them all of the time, to laugh & play, to teach & discipline, to celebrate & console.  It´s taking everything in me right now not to snatch Darth out of her bed & cuddle with her til she finds rest but that girl would be up all night with her Mami & the Mami would be a grouch tomorrow!

Thanks for reading, random thoughts, impatience, longing & happy all over the place!  I´ll try to do better tomorrow, maybe something exciting will happen (just not lice!!)!

At the dinnermesa,



7 thoughts on “Day 25…

  1. toni smith says:

    hey Nichols Family…i have been in the mountains and have been unable to keep up for the last five days, due to connection issues. not at all a computer person, chose to just put it away…but let me tell you, oh my goodness…you sound like a normal everyday family of 7 or 8 with grandma helpers…you have come so far in a few days. Amazed beyond words…praying for tomorrow…love to all

  2. Praying for answers very, very soon. I had a timeline in China…both times and LONGED for home…I can only imagine the not knowing when you get to come home. It would be horrible!!!

  3. Sharon says:

    I love all the random comments. It reminds me of life. There is usually something deep and penetrating followed by something silly and fun. All of those thoughts roam around in our heads all the time. I’m sure the 10th graders at FBC are praying for you as well and are eager to have their teachers back at home. It was a good day and I missed seeing you. Very soon we’ll get to see all 7 Nichols in our hallway and the church will never be the same. 😉

  4. God is using this time with you in this place for a very good reason. Its just not something you know yet. And as human as we all are, we want to make the plans, and keep thinking if we were just…it would be so much better. WE all feel that way, but its really important to remember that God IS in Charge, and He IS at work, and he Choose this situation for you. Its so hard not knowing, I know. IF you could just think, Oh..thats why we are still here and God hasn’t pushed things through faster, it would feel better right? Just Trust, he is at work. This transition time in nowhere land between your home and the kids last home counts for something big and God is already accomplishing great things in you and in the kids and your relationship to them. Hopefully each child will feel like they are yours when you return to your home country. They won’t feel so apart from what you call home. All that is home to you will be so new and scary to them, they will be so thankful that they already know you won’t abandon them. They won’t worry that your love of your culture will detract from your love for them. They will have already built a foundation with you that won’t get washed away by all that you count as home. They will know that you love them whether you are together in Colombia, The US or the moon. They have had to see you struggle with a different place, language, and culture. They won’t feel so alone when they have to be plunged into a completely new place that you alone are at home in. You will be able to say, “man, I remember when we felt the same way!” Keep strong in the Lord and look for the work of His hand in your everyday comings and goings! We are praying that things will work out quickly for you all and that you do indeed get to go home very soon!

    • dinnermesa says:

      Thanks for the words of wisdom friend! The money aspect is starting to wear on us but we signed up for this & know that this is where we are supposed to be so we will persevere & keep trusting in His strength because we have none.

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