Day 23…

Day started off at breakfast trying a new fruit, it looked & tasted a little like you would imagine eyeballs tasting.  Then we made the mistake of asking our maid what the name was…gonorrhea (she actually said guaranaita, but that´s not what we heard).  Unfortunately we have the rule at the house that you have to finish all of your regular food before you can have pan & Tyler walked an extra 1/2 of a mile for a special treat of Dunkin´Donuts, our first “American Pan” since we have been in Colombian.  Needless to say  the kids sucked it down & Tyler, Martha & I swallowed ours whole in 3 big gulps.

Yep, we ate it…

It was worth it for a small taste of home!

After breakfast we headed here.  It was amazing, a zoo, an amuzement park, history lessons, beautiful.  The rest of the post is just an obnoxious amount of picture from our day!  I am glad that report that the kids ALL did really well.  Each one had at least one big blow-up but recovered quickly & were respectful & kind during their time-out (HUGE PROGRESS!!).

First we went to the zoo…

Checking out some of the big cats before it rained on us

Please notice how close we are to the animals…I had a lot of “no hands in the cage” moments today

Checking out the owls, the boys were pretty interested in the dead mice strewn about for their lunch…the girls were pretty disgusted

Squirrels, my arch-nemesis on display at the zoo, kids were pumped to hear that they run rampant in TX. First time I realized that there aren´t squirrels all over Bogota, another point for Colombia

Watching a hippo with Grandma

Checking out one of the monkey islands, we were literally feet from them. Pretty sure I was getting onto our oldest for getting too close to the water.

Crossing a bridge between the monkey islands & thankfully none of the kids jumped into the water. Our money was on Darth, that´s why she is riding Papi´s shoulders

So we went into the pony section which turned out not to be open to the public, luckily all of our kids got to pet the pony´s before we got caught!

Getting ready to ride the horse before we got kicked out

Then we headed to the amuzement park…

Kids playing with one of the giant dinosaurs

Walking out of one of the giant dinosaurs

Riding motorcycles with Grandma

Riding in the swans, Darth had to have constant observation on this ride, the water proved to be too tempting

No tea cups here, only Colombian coffee cups will do

And we saw some of the sights…

Yep, that´s the Taj Mahal in Colombia

The park´s symbol to God, our oldest asked why someone broke that big man´s hand off

It was a really neat place & I was so impressed at how wonderfully it was run & kept up.  If you are ever in Bogota this would be a great place to visit!  That was our last outing for 3 days & Bogota has become rainy.  Please pray that we can fill our days & that there are windows of nice weather to go to the park.

Still no news, we wait for Monday.  Love you & miss you all, please keep us in your prayers & please don´t forget us down here!!

At the dinnermesa,



5 thoughts on “Day 23…

  1. Cindy Adkison says:

    You are not forgotten. We just got done watching the Rangers beat the Twins. I just finished a week of in-service and ready to see 7th and 8th graders on Monday. I’ll bet you two have learned so much Spanish, you’ll be able to teach our class!

  2. Candy Shuffitt says:

    I treated myself to readying your blog tonight instead of tomorrow am. I start my day by reading about yours. Prayers for ya’ll. Looks like you had a great day. I am sure Martha is having fun experiencing Columbia. Looking forward to tomorrows blog. What will I do to start my after you come home…Guess watch Good Morning America. Hay what are some of the English words they are catching onto quickly

  3. Continuing to pray for you guys! So glad things are continuing to go well…what amazing answers to prayer! I will pray that you come up with some exceptional ideas for activities for the times you must remain indoors. And I will pray for some breaks in the weather so you can head outdoors as well!

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