Day 20…

It was a good, full day.  We woke up had a late morning full of playdoh & a great breakfast then got ready for the day.  The kids worked on mosaic pictures while we waited for our driver to arrive.  She took us to the Botanic Gardens in Bogota & they were beautiful, the kids all did really well only 2 timeouts the whole trip & 5 do-overs.  Afterwards she took us to a restaurant “Pollo Asado” where we loaded up on chicken, pappas fritas, plantains stuffed with guava & pappas (so very many starches, don´t worry dinner was full of lean meat & veggies) & Colombian soda.

Afterwards we headed home, Darth went down for a nap & the rest of the group watched a pelicula, I made a wrong choice in Rango & within 15 minutes I had 4 kids asking if they could please watch Peter Pan instead (yes its still their favorite).  Afterwards we went to the park & then came home for dinner, bathtime & bed.

We are staying busy & that helps fill our time here but my goodness we can´t wait to be home with our family & friends!!  Our kids are equally excited about coming home.  They are curious about speaking English but if we bring it up without them asking they are not interested.  For example the kids were singing in the car on the way to the Gardens this morning & we tried to teach them the song “BINGO”, I thought, “this is right up their alley, they love singing, it´s a lot of repeating & it´s about a dog”…wrong!  They all got very quiet & within  a minute began to sing a Colombian song about a dog, completely drowned us out, power in numbers & all!  That´s okay we´ll get there, there is no rush.

We had a very special moment with our older son tonight, right before bedtime we all pile into the king-size bed that all of the boys sleep in together & read a bible story, afterwards we pray.  Tyler prays one line at a time with the children repeating first in Spanish then in English.  Tonight Tyle asked our oldest to pray & he did.  He prayed the same words his daddy says every night & he did it first in Spanish & then in English.  There has been no sweeter sound that I have ever heard than my son speaking to the Lord, the God of the universe, the one who can save his soul.  What a privilege God allowed us tonight.

Mosaic art in the morning, thanks Papi Grande for sending it to Colombia!

Helping out his little sister with the mosaic picture

Thankful for a patient tour guide & group!

Our oldest made it his mission to stop at every map in the park today

Colombia´s national tree, big girl told me it looks like a Zebra

Chicas walking together 🙂

One of the green houses that we went into

Counting tortugas & pez in the lagoon in the green house

One is the blanco cactus & one is grandma, can you tell the difference? The kids were pretty tickled that Grandma & the cactus have the same color hair 🙂

Walking through the roses

Bir girl taking time to smell the roses

Tyler´s words, “Take my picture with the fuzzy balls”, apparently this is what lulo juice is made out of

Our youngest son was told that he was not allowed to touch anything but the tour guide said that you can smell…yep, he smelled EVERYTHING, including bark, grass & dirt!!!

Found the best method to keep the kids with us

Roasted chickens for lunch, Tyler´s favorite so far in Colombia…we went through a LOT of wet-wipes

We are waiting in the silence, please keep us in your prayers.

At the dinnermesa,


7 thoughts on “Day 20…

  1. Robin Burgin says:

    Great posting!! So encouraging…and waiting to meet them all. God is gracious that everyone is feeling better…thanks for the updates (and glad Papi has a belt to keep his pockets up while hauling chicos). Love to you all. Robin

  2. Jennifer Dennis says:

    I just have the one kid and can barely wrap my head around a sentence update on FB. So proud of your love, service and sweetness. LOVE YOU!

  3. Melissa Rendon says:

    Awe sounds like a great day! I love reading these it’s my favorite part of the day 🙂 I freak out if I can’t find it, were praying for y’all and love y’all very much!

  4. I so love the pic with Martha in front of the cactus the kids thinking it funny that her hair color is the same color! LOVE IT (and love Martha)!!! So glad you guys were able to enjoy some great time together…and it was a positive outing experience. THINK HOW FAR YOU’VE COME!!! 🙂 Praying for some answers soon…

  5. Sharon says:

    I’m so glad that you have some great excursions during the waiting a hoping. Baby steps will get you there! Still praying for all of you.

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