Day 19…

Alright friends we are done with our lice medicine & hopefully done with lice while we are in Bogota (wish I could say forever!!).  We woke up & again split the kids: girls stayed with Mami & boys went with Papi & Grandmom to the park.  After I was finished with the girls I let them watch a chick-flick while I did laundry & dishes.  Tia Sara is going to be happy to hear that they were both enthralled with the “Swan Princess”.

Then came the boys, Darth headed for a nap & instead of going to the park big girl asked if she could play a card game with Papi at the house.  When I was finished with the boys they watched “The Sword in the Stone”, the boys loved it!  Not as much as Peter Pan but it was a close second.

After lunch we all bundled up & headed back to the park to play in the arena, Grandmom brought new toys & the sand pit was filled with castles, cakes, roads, tons of stuff.  Afterwards we decided to eat out for dinner & tried a new restaurant serving hamburgers & fries.  I am sad to say the our oldest daughter was the only one who finished her hamburger but of course everybody loved their fries with salsa de tomate.

New toys in the arena!

So thankful to be out of the house!

Thankful that Grandmom came to visit!

Eating at a new restaurant, becoming more comfortable in our neighborhood

Enjoying burgers & fries!

Big girl is the only burger eater so far…

All in all it was a good day.  Our oldest had a great day, most times I feel that his actions are only surface level & not in his heart, so I pray for his heart & for a purity to find him & his actions.  For our oldest daughter I pray that she softens her heart to our family & allows us to be her parents.  She still sets up boundaries for protection & will allow us in but only so far, it will come, I just pray that she is open to the change.  Our middle son is having a hard time following directions.  He is not mean spirited but hasn´t learned when it is time to stop joking & finish the task at hand.  He has a sweet spirit but is a pleaser.  I pray that he finds confidence & security in his new family so he can be himself.  For our youngest boy, he is pretty naughty, he can throw a terrible tantrum with the best of them but he can also melt your heart with his precious smile.  I pray that he finds discipline & self-control and learns how to control his temper.  Darth is pretty much a stinker, she is incredibly defiant & fully embracing the terrible 2´s.  I pray that she learns how to follow directions & be kind to others.

We are waiting but we are finding a rhythm in our Colombian way of life.  We pray for good weather & family moments.  We look forward to beginning our lives in TX.

At the dinnermesa,



7 thoughts on “Day 19…

  1. Hi Tyler and Beth…you sound just like parents! It sounds like you know each one of your children and their hearts so well. God is so good to give that instinct to parents. You know how to pray for and guide them. You are lifers! You’ll never be the same. Kids change and move parts of your heart you didn’t know existed. We are praying for you all. love, Janet for the Tessiers. P.S. “Hello” to Grandmom Martha for us!

  2. Chad Nichols says:

    Trent would want you to know that “Grandmom” is actually “Grandma.” He’s set a precedent he would like everyone to respect. We Love you, all, and are praying for you!

  3. Kit says:

    Wow. Kim and I had seen a few things on facebook, but didn’t know the complete story. Been reading a few blogs and getting updates. Wow. Kim and I are so proud of you and will be praying for all the challenges ahead. I wish I had a good verse to give you as encouragement or some wise words since you guys have been such amazing encouragers for us, but all I can think of is how incredibly brave you both are and incredibly humbled to call you friends. Thank you for being faithful and allowing God to use you. I can’t wait to hear more of the story.
    Please know you are loved and being prayed for in Jacksonville.

    Kit and Kim

  4. Lori says:

    Hello! I am Lori from Tulsa. My Aunt and Uncle (Jane and John Ross) gave me your information and a little background on what is going on. We are an adoptive family ourselves! We met our daughter Dec. 13 2009 and brought her home on Christmas Day. She is from China and we waited FOUR YEARS to finally meet her. We have four biological children as well. I just want you to know that I will be praying for you and your family. Keep your heads up and fighting the good fight! Adoption is a good target for some spiritual warfare – satan would love nothing more than to keep a good Christian family from adopting ‘the least of these!’

    I have some church friends who currently has a student living with them who is from Colombia. They have some missionary connections there and are willing and able to offer assistance to you. Please email me privately and I will pass along your info to my friends the Rowlands (they are an adoptive family as well – us adoptive families are one big, happy, supportive family)!


  5. Sharon says:

    Even when kids have been in your family from the beginning, you will find some of this kind of behavior. Defiance is in the DNA of all humans, and the sooner we can learn that our parents and our heavenly father has something so much better for us than we want for ourselves, we can learn to trust their loving care. I pray that it will happen quickly for all of your precious children.

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