Day 18…

It is the night of the great abuelita switch, the kids went to sleep with one grandma & will wake up with a new one!

It was also the second day of lice-capades.  We had a late morning with a great breakfast & then Tyler took all of the boys to the park & the girls stayed at the house for another treatment.  Then 2hrs later we switched.  Heads are looking clean & Papi worked his butt off entertaining the kids at the park.  All in all it was good & efficient day, we took time to love on the kids, teach a few lessons & they did great letting Mami clean their hair again, very little crying compared to yesterday.

A successful morning at the park!

My mom is headed home & I am having a hard time with it.  Last week when she arrived I felt like I did the first day after kindergarten: it had been a hard day, full schedule, no nap, crummy snack & I was ready to head home.  Here in Bogota I constantly feel the intensity of having zero control of my situation & luckily I have a sweet mom who told me, “you have 5 kids, you´ll never have control again but these are your children & the road you have chosen and it is the right one.”

She honestly told me, “When you told me you were adopting I was not on board, I struggled daily accepting the hard road you had chosen to go down, I prayed that you would change your mind.  But I was wrong, these kids are our family, you are their parents & I am defininitely their abuelita.”  Tonight I found her in the kitchen crying because she had to leave her family, she is ready for them to come home & start their new lives in Texas.

Mom was there for me after my first day when I was 5 & she was there for me after my first week when I am 28.  There to get everybody back to healthy, to encourage us, give advice, love these (somewhat naughty) kids unconditionally & make room for them in our family.  I have loved having her here & look forward to all of the kid´s special abuelita days when we come home.

Lauren & our moms just remind me how we could not do this alone.  I pray that each & everyone of you has a good support system: people who will love you unconditionally, hold you accountable, give you good Godly advice, will be there for you when it counts (even in a foreign country).  God has blessed us beyond belief through family & friends.  We get emails daily from home, we ready letters & notes that you wrote us before we left, we are uplifted through peole reading & commenting on the blog, we especially enjoy the “let me tell you what my kid did-stories”!

Prayer is the same, please stay steady treading these waters with us.

At the dinnermesa,



8 thoughts on “Day 18…

  1. Chad Nichols says:

    Hang in there. We’re praying for you and want you back home. please send me a physical address. I have a package I want to send you.

  2. Vicki lindsey says:

    I’m so glad your mom was able to be there with you, and that Martha will be there soon. I don’t think you ever outgrow your need for your mother (at least girls don’t)!! And what a great opportunity you guys had today for spending time with the boys/girls separately, even if it was de-lousing their hair. You have so many wonderful times together to come! I cannot wait to meet these (mostly) sweet babies–I can’t imagine how their grandpas, aunts & uncles must be feeling!!

  3. I’m sure you are doing much better than you think. For some reason we have the expectation that we’re going to everything perfect, but we won’t. We never will. I fall into the same trap far too often. I expect and desire to parent perfectly: to always have the perfect response to every situation my children hand me. And sometimes we nail it…we remember what we’ve read, what we’ve learned, what the therapist suggested we do/say. Other times we miss the mark–and sometimes we don’t just miss the mark, we completely miss the target! (I’ve done that more than I can possibly count–especially with Rachel!) Just know that every day is new…just like with our kids, every situation gives us a chance to try again.

    Oh, and I was also going to tell you…with the lice thing…I’ve read that if girls have long hair, you may want to braid it or put it up reducing the chances of reinfection. Although, hopefully, you won’t have that problem again (especially not while there!).

    Continuing to pray for you guys…praying “home time” (as Megan calls it!) comes soon!!!

  4. Elaine and Steve says:

    We are home. Thinking of and checking on you often. I tell my teens on a daily basis that I could not do this without them. I cried when I read about your mom. So glad you have Lauren and the abuelitas! You all have my total admiration and respect! I am so glad we had all the time we did incountry…it made our world stop and made us family. Being home has been far easier than I expected and I credit that time. Take care-Elaine

  5. Sharon says:

    I love the stories of how grandmas can make such a difference. I will keep that in mind when spending time with my kids and grandkids. Thanks for taking us all on this journey with you.

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