Day 17…

Long day my friends…

Yep, it´s what you think it is 😦

Boys sitting with their lice treatment

The first of laundry mountain, within the hour he had doubled in size

Cleaning the rooms

We cleaned & cleaned & cleaned.  We still have 4 more loads of laundry to do tonight before we go to bed.  The kids hair took about 6hrs to complete & the Colombian medicine that we got says that we need to do it for 2 more days.  Got some great suggestions from the US about home remedies, unfortunately large quantities of mayo or coconut oil are not readily available.  It´s okay we will make it.  It was one of those days that you feel like you are just surviving, not accomplishing anything.  The kids did really well considering the circumstances & being stuck in the house for another day.

Oh friends pleae pray for strength & that God builds a hedge of protection around our family.  Sometimes it seems like every action our oldest son does is to be hurtful to someone else.  Please pray for his spirit & that he can learn to love others & treat them with respect.  It is hard, it is frustrating but he is our son and we are not going anywhere.  We will be taking the long walk with him.  Still no news on our next step & Monday is a holiday so we will wait for Tuesday.  Thank you for keeping our family in your prayers.  Please please pray specifically that ALL of the lice will be gone by Monday, this was one Mami lesson I did not enjoy!

At the dinnermesa,


7 thoughts on “Day 17…

  1. Jennifer Dennis says:

    Awe man, that stuff is so frustrating!! Definitely lifting your oldest up as I write this. His hurt is so deep and defenses are so strong, his healing will take time. Your perspective of the ‘long walk’ is so wise. I wish we were there with you guys, to encourage you, hug you and give you breaks. I know it feels overwhelming and defeating, but you are not alone. God has called you to be the rescuers of these beautiful children. What a splendid role in the kingdom. Peace and grace and rest.

  2. toni smith says:

    you guys are doing an amazing job…lice is pest, but it does go away with time and treatment…it sounds as though the oldest may need some one on one time with Tyler, when he’s not in trouble…the good old buddy system is not wise for all situations, but he may just need some love and encouragement from Tyler. Is it possible for Tyler to take each of them somewhere special separately just chatting about life, maybe stories from Tyler about some things he wants to do with his boys, fishing, hiking, have him tell stories about when he was the age, he may need to do it with pictures or a stick in the sand pictures to express fishing. Being the oldest is always harder than the other rolls, I can say that because I am the baby, and I am thankful that I was. He may still have feelings of being the one in charge of his siblings and there has been a new dynamic put in place and he just doesn’t quite know what to do now…just food for thought…the blessings they will bring you as you walk this road, will be worth it all.

  3. Lice…the best “solution” for keeping them bay is to let the kids have dirty hair b/c they can’t attach to the dirty hair. (I’ve recently learned this from a friend of mine who struggled with it this summer with her 4th grader!) So, you may want to have fewer baths around your house for a while–once you eliminate them, that is. Continuing to pray for you guys!!

  4. Ugh. No fun about the lice. Praying for patience and energy and success as you fight it!

    Also wanted to say that our oldest is very much like your oldest. It is HARD but I do believe you will see progress in time. For ours it is often two steps forward, one step back (sometimes several steps back!) but we see signs of hope all the time and I am sure you will see the same with your son. Remember that he is fighting you so hard because he has been so very hurt by the other adults he has trusted. He is terrified to trust you because that hurt was so deep when others abandoned him. You are doing a wonderful job parenting him with love and compassion but also holding him to the high standard you know he is capable of!

    Also wanted to mention that I am ready and waiting to help you once you’re home. Sunshine will be at PPCD in your neighborhood so I could drop her off and then come over and wash dishes or do laundry for a few hours before picking her back up. I’ll talk to you about what might need the most after you’re home but wanted you to know that I’m going to be available and ready to help if needed.

    Big hugs to both of you and my prayers are with you! You are doing a fantastic job!

  5. Gail Garrett says:

    Know more about lice from my school nurse days than I ever wanted to know. The ones that succeeded in ridding it for good were the diligent ones in the clean up. Don’t feel bad that they got it when with you as the life cycle is about 2 weeks and I imagine that the lice is prevalent at the orphanage. They probably treated right before releasing them to you and not telling you to watch for this – unless of course they have been leaving their coats all together with others like at a playground or places like the Froggy Place. Don’t think you can find it but the best comb for finding and deleting it from the hair was the LiceMeister- we found it and ordered it on line. Hang in there- continuing to pray specifically for your oldest- we had our struggles with our oldest too- so you are not and never will be alone.

  6. Kirbys' says:

    Hold on my child , Joy comes in the morning! Weeping only lasts for the night….As we’ve been reading these adventures every day, I thought about this song . Remember He didn’t promise us a Rose Garden, but He did promise that He would be with us Through It All! When all these trials are over, you will see that it was worth it all because the best is yet to come. So don’t give up. Remember Isaiah 40:31.
    Hugs and Kisses for the children

    We love you and can’t wait till you get back.

    Love, Meme and PawPaw

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