Day 15…

Can you believe that we have been here 2wks!  Today was great we left the house at 10am & didn´t get home until 6pm!  Yep an ALL DAY outing & it was so great to be out of the apartment!  We stopped by La Casa in the morning to drop off the pictures & sign some paperwork, as always they were lovely to our kids & the students were excited to see their amigos.  Then we were off to Mount Monserrate.  It was beautiful, I love how much my kids LOVE Colombia, they sing a sweet song about the ´bandera de Colombia´ all of the time & are so proud to be from this beautiful country.  The view from the top of the mountain was spectacular!  Our oldest didn´t get to enjoy it very much, he has become VERY disrespectful & unwilling to follow any instructions from Papi y Mami needless to say he hung out with Papi for the second half of the walk. But all in all it was a great trip.  Then we traveled to “Old City”, also beautiful, full of history, lovely architecture and lots of pigeons.  We had a Colombian feast for lunch & walked it off going up & down the streets of Old Bogota.

Prayer requests:  our oldest is pushing every limit that is set, he smirks when he is being disobedient, he is disrespectful to all of us & fights every step to have things his way at all times.  Please pray for his attitude but also for PATIENCE & UNDERSTANDING for Tyler & I, it is so easy to react out of anger & we want all of our reactions to be out of love & remembering where he came from.   Please pray for mom, she had a rough day & spent most of our outing in the car, she is now running fever & pretty exhausted.  We are still waiting to hear our next steps & pray for peace while we are here.  Thank you again for all of your support.

At the top of Mt Monseratte

Whole family at the top

We had to pay to use the bathroom on the Mountain, tip go before!

Beautiful Bogota

The front of the restaurant, we were expecting something very simple…

Then we walked into this…beautiful!

View from the top of the restaurant

Pollo, carne, plantains, banana chips for me & the kids

Papi was excited to find a red beans & rice Colombian dish, his favorite

Headed down the streets of the Old City

Military museum in the Old City

Oldest school in Colombia built in 1604, now a working public school, these boys were playing soccer in the courtyard


Feeding the birds at the Old City

Darth snuck in one popcorn kernal before she realized it was food for the birds not her

The Nichols kids trying to catch a bird to bring home

Our oldest brave enough to let the birds eat out of his hands!

Long day worth it for a whole hour of Darth cuddling with Mami

At the dinnermesa,


6 thoughts on “Day 15…

  1. Kathy Mitchell says:

    Glad to hear some positive words today. I know God is working all things for good! I am in love with that pic of you snuggling with baby girl- pure joy! Its Awesome 😃 You know y’all are some what of a celebrity here, everyone yearning for your next update. What an amazing testimony that “you can do ALL THINGS through Christ.” Nichols7 are in my prayers, really hoping y’all get another miracle from the judge like you did with the passports and are headed home next week. ( just going BODLY to the throne of grace asking on your behalf.) Love ya!

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Vicki lindsey says:

    Thank you, Jesus for a wonderful day! Praying for your mom now, and for the oldest son. My oldest is disrespectful sometimes, too! (lol)

  3. Sharon says:

    Loved, loved, loved the pictures of Bogota and to see all seven of you standing together as a family. Praying for you mom. We grandma’s have to stick together! Thanks for giving me another reason to marvel at God’s gracious provision every day.

  4. I’ve found that when the disrespectfulness hits the hardest, it’s likely because they are finding themselves beginning to bond…and struggling with wanting to, but being afraid of getting hurt. Just keep remembering that. Keep loving on him. I completely understand how hard it is to keep a positive attitude and not get mad (oh boy do I understand that!!! Holy, moly…like I feel that way nearly every day. Seriously.). Continuing to pray for you guys! In fact, I was teaching this week and I shared your story with my class and we prayed for you as well throughout the week!

  5. toni smith says:

    the picture, “feeding the bird in the old city”, wow, that could be you on the right…i am amazed daily at how God has provided more than we could ever imagine, and an hour of Darth hugs…amazing. continuing to pray and think of you all the time, please tell Lisa, we are praying for her too, hope she feels well soon…love to all.

  6. Erin Bailey says:

    That last picture of you with Darth brought tears to my eyes! I think no matter what the circumstances, parenting is so hard and challenging so much of the time. It’s those moments when your babies hug you and show you unconditional love that make every single difficult moment worth it. Hang in there Mami and remember all of us are cheering you on!

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