Day 14.5…

Hey we got to go for an outing!!!  We went to Froggyland tonight from 4-6 & the kids had a great time.  It´s place with the giant blow-up bouncers & toys for the little ones.  It was AMAZING getting out of the apartment, so thankful for our driver Patricia taking us & being so kind to our kids who were a little fussy because of the earlier adventure of the day.

Before Froggyland we headed back to the Doctor to have the kid´s TB test results read, all were negative, PRAISE THE LORD!  This means no chest x-rays are needed!!! Our oldest hasn´t run fever in over 48hrs so he was also allowed to get his TB test done & we will have those results on Friday.  It´s nice being able to check something off of the to-do list.

After the TB test results we headed a few doors down to get the kid´s pictures made for their visas.  I have to be honest they looked a little like prison photos, the kids have to be in a dark colored shirt with their hair pulled back.  Needless to say our kids have fabulous hair & were not super excited with the Arther Fonzarelli look.  After their individual pictures we wanted to get a group shot for La Casa, that had taken such good care of our kids.  Good idea right?!?  Poor kids after a doctor´s visit, mommy´s frustrating day with the landlord, & individual photos they were in no mood to smile.  The picture was not our best but it is HILARIOUS!   As soon as we are allowed I will show it to all of you :).  I hope that we can look back on it someday & see how far we´ve come (or maybe we replicate it when the kids are in their 20´s).  It was actually a blessing in disguise the crazy photo, everyone was a little bit frustrated with the time at the doctor & the photos so we took out our family photo & all took turns impersonating each other in the photos we ALL had a good (very much) needed laugh!!

Needless to say we will be giving La Casa a copy of our first family picture but hope to send another one in the mail once we are home, maybe in this one more than just Papi will be smiling!

Enjoying Froggy Land (yes that is the real name)

Running off some energy!

Our 3 oldest headed to the slide

Toys for the younger ones, they played so sweetly together!

Darth jumping on an inflatable horse, she just laughed & laughed

Even Mr. Cautious got into play! Glad that his big brother encouraged him!!

Darth LOVED this giant cat at the photo place, she would run to me, Papi & Abuelita and just point & laugh

At the dinnermesa,



5 thoughts on “Day 14.5…

  1. Yes Beth….you will treasure that picture….
    I’m so happy you got to get out of the house and do something different….I did miss the pictures of Lisa going down the slides??? Praying for your sweet family!

  2. Sharon says:

    Awww — I loved this one. I have a friend who had such trouble getting all 7 of her grandkids smiling at the same time for a Christmas card that she eventually sent the one with everyone crying, screaming, and looking away from the camera. It was hilarious, and one of my favorite Christmas cards of all times. Don’t you DARE throw it away. What a great story it will be for all of you in the years to come. You can say “Remember that horrible picture from Columbia?” It will be one of your greatest memories, I’m sure. So glad you could laugh today. Still praying.

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