Day 12…

Tyler Bloggin´again…

So, we woke up this morning, and the three oldest family members were super-duper sick. We were miserable. Thankfully, today was Monday, and doctors were available to see us and check us out. Most of the morning was busy with getting medications and instructions not to take the children to the park for three hours, twice a day. We definitely get bored in these four walls, but today was the first no-park day since we met the kids.

While we are working hard not to raise our children in front of a TV, we thought given our state and the state of our oldest son, two movies would be OK for today. The oldest is sort of quarentined off in the corner room so the other kids don´t get what he has. There are big glass doors to the room that he is in, so it sort of looks like an exibit at the zoo. We try not to tap on the glass too much. In all seriousness, it is sad. The little guy definitely wants to play with his brothers and sisters, but we just can´t let him for another day or so.

The other big adventure for the day was TB tests for the four youngest kids. The oldest had to stay at home because he was on medication (besides, he needed his rest). This is another step in the get-kids-out-of-this-country-and-in-to-our-country process. All of them hated getting stuck with a needle, but none worst then the youngest boy, Mr. Cautious. He staight-up screamed his head off! There was a sign in the waiting room that said “Silencio” so I am sure everyone in there heard it. The other three, including baby girl, wimpered a little, but did pretty good. We go back in two days to check the results.

Speaking of Baby Girl, we´ve been affectionately calling her “Darth”, but I think “Little Turd” might fit better. She is a little turd, in more ways than one! First off, she´s been having some pretty ripe diapers, and even after we change her, she still stinks. Also, she is a bit defiant and does whatever she wants to do. If that wasn´t enough, when I corrected her today, she bit me too. She definitely got in major trouble over that one. It sort of dawned on us that, even though we just got her, we may be in the “terrible twos” that everyone tells us about. Terrible twos or not, that crap don´t fly around here! We love her to death, but she´s got to learn to listen to instructions (easy enough) and not bite people (something I thought I would only say about my dogs).

Tonight, after the chicos had gone to bed, Beth and I had McDonalds. My McAngus, McNuggets, and fries were McAmazing! It took me a while to find out where a McDonalds was, and in the process of asking the doorman at our apartment in my broken Spanish, I traced a gigantic ¨M¨ with my two index fingers before he understood what I wanted. Never has such a sweet nectar touched my lips. Don´t get me wrong, the Colombians eat well. We have tons of fruit, and we eat lots of rice, meat, and potatoes. I think the thing that really hit us was, it was a taste of home. Colombia is an amazing country, and we are learning to embrace it, but there is no place like home.

A few things that we have noticed about this strange place:

1. The kids call going number 1 in the bathroom “Chee-chee”. Don´t worry, number 2 is still called “Poo-poo”. While I am on the subject, they never flush or close the door either.

2. Colombians are germaphobes. I think one in every five people we see is wearing a surgical mask as a preventative measure.

3. When you greet someone in Colombia, it comes with a kiss on the cheek. Touch is not my love-language, so this is a little awkward for me. Beth confessed to me tonight that she really likes it and wants to bring it to Texas. That figures!

4. You know that game where kids try to see how close they can get their finger to your face alst the while saying “I´m not touching you, I´m not touching you”? Driving on the streets of Bogota is a little like that. Oh my goodness, you really shouldn´t stick anything out the window that you intend to keep. Three inches is not an uncommon gap for these guys. I sometimes wonder why they even bothered to paint lane stripes.

5. There is about 1,800 Colombian pecos to every dollar. Before I paid the rent this month, I was literally a millionare with the cash I had in our closet. Sometimes we like to “make it rain” with our 20,000 peco bills ($11).

6. Ironically, there is a lot of rain here.

7. They speak Spanish here. This includes this silly computer that underlines everything in red because it is spell checking in the wrong language! That may be the reason we are not better with our corrections.

8. Colombians are the most beautiful people I have ever seen. I think Chris Brown and Pitbull got that right in their song, “International Love”.

9. The closest thing to Walmart is “Tres Elepantes” (Three Elephants). Their slogan underneath their sign is “Bueno, Bonito, Borrato”. That tickled me a little bit becuase it means “Good, Pretty, and Cheap”.

10. Ketchup… excuse me… “Salsa de Tomate” on everything! It makes me sick, but it does get the kids eating their fruit. Yeah. That wasn´t a typo. They eat it with their fruit (mango, banana, pineapple, etc…).

I say all that to say, we miss home. Sometimes it is the little stuff, but we definitely take for granted the customs and the things with which we accessorize our life that provide so much comfort to us each day. Beth and I are trying to remind ourselves that this is sort of what the kids will feel when they come to our country. They are leaving behind so many things that are familiar to them. It could be something as simple as a smell or a favorite food. Overtime, I´m sure they will learn to embrace our culture as we are learning to embrace theirs, but it is a good reminder for us.

Thank you again for caring enough to read and hear about our adventures. We love the heck out of these kids, and can´t imagine life without them. I can´t wait to introduce them to all the people that have worked so hard to bring them home. Thanks again, and as always, we covet your prayers.

Sorry there are no pictures. We got lazy with the camera. We´ll try again tomorrow.

At the dinnermesa,


8 thoughts on “Day 12…

  1. Jane Thompson says:

    Tyler it was nice to hear from you today. At first I thought it was beth writing…lol. I prAy you all get well soon. What a blessing you all our. I look forward to catching up on your adventures everydAy. Keep on keeping on….love in Jesus

  2. Vicki says:

    I eagerly await the posting of your blogs–they have been the highlight of my days simce your arrival! Thanks for keeping us posted even in the midst of your family plague. You are definitely getting initiated into parenthood! Know that many prayers are being sent up to the Father on behalf of the 7 Nichols (& Lisa!). And about the diapers, I don’t think the child actually still stinks after we clean them up; I believe the hairs in our noses have memory that keeps the smell alive long after the diaper is gone! Can’t wait to see your precious babies!

  3. Robin Burgin says:

    Great job blogging, Senor Nichols/Papi. I’m looking forward to hearing about everyone’s health improving! Many prayers are being lifted for the three of you. On the quarantined one…I would think any germs have already been shared, but if it helps, try it…We usually were too late figuring out the first one was contagious, much less say the fourth’s exposure. Fingers crossed! Be prepared to be on the mend as Mr Cautious or Darth start feeling wonky. We will be ready to love the chicos when it’s our turn to be introduced. Thanks for letting us be a part of the journey…the Burginairs

  4. Continuing to pray for your adventures. OH do I understand missing familiar foods!!! Unfortunately for us, McD’s (or KFC which is hugely popular in China) did not taste like home at all. Yuck. Praying that all of you feel better soon, there’s nothing like not feel well when you are somewhere else…while trying to care for your new kids! Praying you get to come home REALLY, REALLY quick!

    And the driving…oh yes…China was just as bad…I remember in 2008 when we were there being stuck in traffic noticing how the driver could “making a hole” to switch lanes when there was literally no more than foot between the cars! It was incredible!

  5. Melissa says:

    Of course we care to read how things are going I think we all feel like relatives to these niños lol. It’s like getting to sit in the same room or peek in when you guys tell te story it’s like we’re there. These kids are so great and y’all are Doing a great job!

  6. Barry Goldfarb says:


    Good to hear from you as well as Beth. We are all thinking of you at work and have been following your adventures on the blog. Sorry to hear about your kiddos coming down with the crud. Keep telling yourselves “This too shall pass.”

    I was interested to read about Tyler in a swimming pool with shorts. It’s probably one of many changes if habits that will arise out of love for these kids.

    You two are really doing God’s work with this act of Tikkun Olam, a Hebrew phrase that translates to “repairing the world.”. Giving these children a loving home is truly an act of loving kindness. With faith and love will be back here in what seems like no time. Cherish these times with your children because before you know it you will be sending Darth off to college.


  7. Sharon says:

    You guys are doing a great job of keeping us up to day (even if we are late reading the entries). You always seem to make me smile and make my heart swell with these little stories. Thanks for keeping it so real and so for being transparent with all of us. We’ll keep praying, and you guys keep trusting. Love to all of the Nichols!
    Sharon Lee

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