Day 11…

Sorry friends exhaustion has set in.  Our oldest is sick, Mami is sick, & the kids have TB tests tomorrow.  Today we got up had a breakfast of pan, eggs & grapes, I let the kids have ´coffee´ as a Sunday treat (milk with a little bit of sugar & a tiny bit of coffe).  Afterwards we took the kids to the park while it was still warm outside:  Our oldest stayed home with my mom & had a great morning watching cartoons & playing with the matchbox cars that Abuelita had brought with her.  The rest of our group played in the arena, with the frisbee, & with the tiza.  We met two families at the park who were again curious why we spoke English & our kids spoke Spanish.  It was a great moment when they said how wonderful we are for adopting the kids & we can tell them to give God the glory because without Him none of this would have happened, dropping pearls in Colombia!

Headed to the park (again)

Tiza covers my kids most days!

Girls made themselves drumsticks & played beats on EVERY piece of playground equipment they could reach, may need lessons some day.

We headed home & put on Madagascar for the kids, usually one of us stays in the room with all of them during the entire movie but today we let them watch it by themselves.  We left the doors open so they could see that we were right next door in case anything happended.  And can I tell you the truth, I was a little bit naughty…during the movie Tyler & I were both exhausted.  He went into Darth´s room where she was napping & took a nap too on our oldest girl´s bed & after 30 minutes of the movie had gone by I went in & rewound it to the beginning.  I know not a sweet mom, but we needed rest for their sanity & ours!  After the movie we all made sack lunches around the kitchen table: sandwiches,chips & a banana.  The sandwich choices were: PB & J for me, mom & Tyler, our youngest had PB & J, next one had just PB, next one had just J, big girl wanted just PB, & our oldest foodie wanted PB with a slice of ham…he ate it so I´m not complaining!

Since our oldest has been sick we played in the large room downstairs of our apartment building, it is filthy, has a corner of trash, but it is a safe place where our kids can run around freely.  We ate our lunch on a butcher paper picnic blanket & then drew the city of Bogota on fresh butcher paper & played with cars & old McDonald toys for the rest of the afternoon.  The boys love the cars & play just like Tyler does, they go as fast & as dangerously as they can nearly breaking the matchbox cars in two & then retrieving them to do it all over again.  Our oldest narrated the entire lives of the McDonald happy meal ´My Little Pony´toys & even made them clean up their toys when they were done playing.  Darth teetered around with two cars in her hands the entire time, peeking over her siblings shoulders & occasionally wreaking havoc when she decides that she wants one of her brother´s cars instead of hers.

Darth gets her cars from Abuelita

Making the city of Bogota, added a US flag & a TX flag 🙂

Cars with Papi

We went back to the pizza place for Sunday dinner & watched the Olympic´s closing ceremonies.   All in all it was a great day!  We are starting to find normalcy & fit together as a family.  As I sat talking with my mom, I told her,” I still can´t believe that this is my life, 5 Colombians are coming home with us, I waited so long for a family, to be a mom & here we are with our children.  You like them right?”

I love these kids so much, I would give my life for them and I hope that you find a place in your hearts for them too!  And don´t worry Mom said,  “Yes I love them too!”

Tomorrow is our court assignment, this really decides how long you are in Bogota.  Please, please pray for our family, for the timing & scheduling, for the TB tests & the paperwork.  Pray that we willingly & with happy hearts accept God´s perfect timing.  And pray for our health, these days are long but are filled with beautiful family moments & I want us to be present during this special time & not have to “rewind the movie”!!

One funny story to leave you with, our youngest son gets picked on by his older brothers quite a bit.  Yesterday our oldest son was working on a puzzle & our youngest son was sitting quietly by reading a book & then without even looking he slowly slid his hand over & snagged on of the puzzle pieces & slid it right into his book.  He then looked up at Tyler with a very sneaky full of dimples smile. So your question, did we get onto him when big brother got frustrated when he couldn´t find his puzzle piece, nope.  Gotta give the little guy a chance right!

Closing ceremony at the pizza place, please notice my youngest son would rather play peek-a-boo with a wet-wipe

At the dinnermesa,



3 thoughts on “Day 11…

  1. Ahhhh….another beautiful day in Tyler & Beth’ s crazy household….thank you for sharing! All Glory and Honor to our beautiful Savior! Praying for your court assignment tomorrow! And anxiously waiting for tomorrow’s blog! Love to your sweet momma!

  2. Cindy Adkison says:

    I’ve really enjoyed reading all about your new family. I can’t wait to meet all of your children. I’m praying for you daily.

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